DJ Envy and His Wife Gia Say Tyrese Crossed the Line In Their Friendship, Claims Singer Sent Gia ‘Inappropriate’ Flirtatious Text Messages

Tyrese Gibson is back in the news again, trying to clear his name after DJ Envy accused him of disrespecting his wife, Gia Casey. 

DJ Envy says Tyrese sent his wife Gia 'inappropriate' flirtatious text messages.
DJ Envy says Tyrese sent his wife Gia ‘inappropriate’ flirtatious text messages. (Photos: @gia_casey/Instagram; @tyrese/Instagram)

The R&B singer went on IG live to dispel DJ Envy‘s claims during his appearance on “The Breakfast Club” on Sept. 7. Things became confrontational after the radio personality explained how Tyrese played a mediator to help save his marriage after his cheating scandal with reality TV star Erica Mena.

Tyrese said that the sentiment was not reciprocated when he was having his own marital problems with his now ex-wife Samantha Lee. Envy then dropped the bombshell news that the “Fast X” actor had disrespected his wife. 

Envy said he wanted to “box” Tyrese in the “mouth” line after learning what Tyrese had said/done to his wife. Instead of getting physical with though, he and his wife chose to block him instead. Cooler heads prevailed during the rest of the interview and the two shared a “kumbaya moment.”

However, Tyrese changed his tune after processing their remarks during the interview later. In one of his infamous rants on Instagram Live, the teary-eyed “Fast and Furious” star broke down, telling viewers, “Y’all know that was a very, very hard conversation to have. Some very big, some very disappointing reveals.” 

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While taking breaks to lean out of the camera’s view as he wiped away his tears, the Los Angeles native said it took everything in him to remain seated when Envy said he should have hit him.

He called Charlamagne “clever” for pretending to not know that the confrontation would happen. The “Sweet Lady” singer claims that he didn’t plan on getting emotional about the situation and shouted out Jess Hilarious, who was a guest host on the show, for having “the only heart in the room.” 

Tyrese doubled back after his somber IG Live with a more animated one, calling out Envy., saying, “You can leave me in a private room. I will never disrespect another man’s wife.”

The 44-year-old then pulled up receipts on Envy’s blocking claims saying, “August 2022, text messages directly into your wife’s phone, text chains between me. You just blocked me a month ago? That’s a lie. I disrespected you and your wife, your wife blocked me? That’s a lie, that’s a lie. And I deserve an apology.” 

Tyrese claims that Envy was deflecting from not owning up to helping the singer when he was down. He ended the live telling Envy not to respond because “You don’t want this smoke…cause I got receipts!”  

The radio host heard Tyrese’s warnings, and responded on the Sept. 12 episode of “The Breakfast Club.” Envy claimed the “How You Gonna Act Like That” singer got too comfortable around his wife and started flirting. He then alleged that someone who worked for Tyrese texted him on July 8, 2022, saying that he was capable of destroying his marriage and career. “He will try and get your wife.” 

Envy then called his wife to back up the flirting claims, and she confirmed that she and Tyrese were friends. She said things became “uncomfortable, inappropriate” and “lines were being crossed.”

Casey accused Tyrese of “demanding” her time and attention and would have an “angry” fit, mulling over his “expectations” of her. She didn’t feel comfortable sharing exactly what Tyrese did/said out of respect for her marriage. But after Tyrese called her husband a liar she said, “That’s a step that might have to be taken.” 

Envy said he will always have “respect” for Tyrese saving his marriage but he believes certain things you just shouldn’t say to someone else’s wife.


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