‘Is This Love or Just a Transaction?’: Tyrese Fires More Shots at His Ex-Wife on Social Media, Claims She ‘Sold’ Him a Dream About Who She Really Was

Tyrese Gibson is still reeling from his long and drawn-out divorce proceeding from his ex-wife Samantha Lee Gibson.

The process, which ended in August 2022, took nearly two years, and during that time the R&B singer has repeatedly expressed doubt about whether or not she ever loved him and if she was plotting on his bag from the beginning.

Tyrese Gibson takes more shots at his ex-wife Samantha Lee in online rant.
Tyrese Gibson takes more shots at his ex-wife Samantha Lee in yet another online rant. (Photo: @lovesamanthalee/Instagram)

The former couple met in 2015, wed in 2017, and announced their separation in 2020. As he works through his feelings about her, Gibson has appealed their court-ordered child support agreement, and he put it all in his new song, “Love Transaction.”

The “Fast X” actor sings, “$20,000 in some child support/ We both know just who that money’s for/ We had our family ties and you went and cut me loose/ And now the baby’s wondering why we not under the same roof.”

The track references the $10,690 monthly child support he was ordered to pay Lee Gibson for the care of their almost 5-year-old daughter, Soraya. He pays the additional amount in monthly child support for his teenage daughter, Shayla, from his previous marriage to his first wife, Norma Gibson.

In a clip from his Instagram page circulating online, Tyrese aired out his grievances, explaining how he was bamboozled by the woman he thought would be the love of his life.

“All I can say is GET READY! 3:25 am I wasn’t gonna go live,” he wrote in the caption. “My mental health hasn’t been in a good place leading up to the release I’m sure this is gonna be used against me in the court of law.”

He says in the over 30-minute video that at first Lee seemed to be suspicious of women who seemed to be gold diggers for spending exuberant amounts on designer shoes and bags, getting obnoxious levels of plastic surgery and/or enhancements like lip injections.

“This b—h painted a picture,” said Tyrese who claims she would clock their diamonds and gossip about women getting pregnant by NBA players just to secure $200,000 a month in support — adding that he was not the only person fooled.

He added that she would talk “s—t day and night” about these women before detailing an incident where Lee trash-talked another woman after dinner with another couple.

“We would do couples dinners and if a woman came as a wife or girlfriend whatever and they got diamonds on handbags. We driving home, she talked s—t about this woman all the way home, tearing her down for what she wore to dinner and how much money was probably spent on her shoes and handbags that match.”

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The father of two wishes he had received a warning, noting that none of his friends, whether from the block or from church suggested that “she might have an agenda.”

“So that’s the question,” he asked out loud, “Is this love or just the transaction? This ain’t no f——g song.”

“I got questions,” he continued, “I don’t even know who the fuck this person was. I mean you sold me on some s—t. I was definitely sold on who you are or who I thought and believed you were.”

People online weighed in on the 44-year-old’s comments, saying he should not be bleeding on his fans like he is.

“He’s gonna have to get over her at some point. Constantly badmouthing her is not gonna change the reality of how things are!!”

“Are they trying to get back together or something? Because, all they do is talk bad about eachother. Why? Y’all been divorced for how long now? Let it tf go!!!!!!”


Others asked that he focus on himself and his personal healing.

“She is renting way too much space in your head. Evict her, pray and heal please for your sake.”

“I think he needs to talk to his therapist about this. It’s kinda disrespectful to his current girlfriend.”

Tyrese has been dating model and influencer Zelie Timothy since 2021. Fans brought his last online plea to lower his child support after he bought her a Range Rover Defender for her 28th birthday last month.

While many have mixed feelings about putting so much of his personal trauma in the song, most are clear on one thing. He should move on and focus on the new lady in his life.

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