DJ Envy and Tyrese Air Out Their Differences on ‘The Breakfast Club,’ But Things Go Left When Subject of Envy’s Wife Comes Up

Tyrese pulled up to a recent (Sept. 7) episode of “The Breakfast Club,” and the interview almost took a left turn when he and DJ Envy got into it about their respective marital problems. 

The confrontation started when Charlamagne Tha God said that Envy did not appreciate what Tyrese did for him when his marriage was on the rocks. Ever the instigator, Charlamagne asked Envy if he appreciated what Tyrese did, and the DJ said (at 7:27), “Of course,” but the “Baby Boy” actor chimed in and said, “No. I don’t feel like you do.” 

Envy explained that during the time when he and his wife Gia Casey were going through a rough patch due to his cheating scandal, Tyrese came in to help him. In 2013, the radio personality admitted to cheating on his wife with “Love and Hip Hop” star Erica Mena.

This, compounded with the possibility that the couple’s sexual chemistry was not what it once was due to Casey not “finishing,” led to the pair’s marriage heading toward divorce. Hoping for a chance at reconciliation, Charlamagne got Envy to call his wife on the show and apologize live.

This is when the R&B singer got involved. “Tyrese happened to be in town and heard some of the things that were going on,” Envy said to his new co-host, “So, Tyrese called to check on me to see what was going on, I was going through it, and instead of just checking and keeping moving he stayed on top of it. To the point where he became the therapist, the mediator, the person in-between.” 

Tyrese even told Envy to set up a romantic date, and he traveled to the DJ’s house and serenaded the couple with his song “Stay,” in an attempt to keep the marriage going.

The conversation started to heat up when Tyrese said that he felt the love was not reciprocated when the roles were reversed. “This is the part that I don’t appreciate about Envy.” The Image award winner said, “When ‘Tyrese divorce’ comes across y’all headlines, when the captions associated to the things that come across y’all desk, where is that same heart and love that I extended to you?” 

Envy fired back, equating Tyrese to a pastor who was not living what he preached. Speaking on how he really felt about Tyrese, Envy said, “I respect the message and how it came…but then when I look at my brother and saying what he’s telling me to do, and how he’s telling me to live, he’s not living that way. I don’t respect it.” 

Envy also said that he didn’t like the way that Tyrese was acting in public and in private during the time of his divorce. Envy told Tyrese, “When I seen how you were talking this way, I said I’m gonna take a step back.” 

Tyrese responded to Envy distancing himself by saying, “How convenient to step back. I never stepped back from you.” 

Envy shot back at the “Shame” singer saying, “It’s right. But I never talked to your wife in a disrespectful manner.” 

Envy did not give any detail on what Tyrese said, but it seemed to be bad enough that it could have become physical. “As a man, some of the things you said, Tyrese, deserved me to box ya mouth.” Envy said that he and his wife have still not reached out to Tyrese, and it doesn’t seem like he plans to reconcile in the foreseeable future. 

Tyrese said that his “conduct overall” during that period in his life was out of his control due to the medication that he was on.

“I’ve literally prayed that people can find it in they heart to not hold me to something I said in did while I was literally out of my mind,” Tyrese added.


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