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‘Stop Saying Go Back with My Baby Daddy’: Apryl Jones Confirms Being In a ‘Really Great’ Space with Omarion Amid Taye Diggs Breakup Rumors

Apryl Jones has refuted any possibility of a romantic reunion between her and the father of her children, Omarion.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” alum answered a few questions on Instagram Live earlier this week, and made sure people knew that she and the former B2K member were nothing short of platonic. 

In a clip shared on @livebitez Instagram page, Jones can be heard saying, “Stop saying go back with my baby daddy. Stop. Why can’t me and my baby daddy be on good terms?” 

She continued, “Like y’all just be trying it… Me and my baby daddy are good, we’re great. We’re actually phenomenal.” 

Another clip of Jones speaking on Omarion was obtained by @_TheyLiveAgain and showed her confirming that she and the “Post To Be” singer are finally in a “great” space.

“Me and the father of my kids are not together, no. We are in a really, we are in a really great place,” she said. “It was a long time coming.” Jones then noted that their focus is solely on their children. 

Jones and Omarion share two children: 9-year-old son Megaa Grandberry and 7-year-old daughter A’mei Grandberry. The former couple popped out as an item back in 2011 but soon split in 2016. 

Two years later, chaos erupted after rumors about Jones potentially dating Omarion’s bandmate Lil Fizz began circulating online. 

The following year, Fizz and the “Let Me Love” actress confirmed their romance, which created another load of controversy. However, their romance was cut short, and by 2020 they parted ways. 

As of recently, Jones has been in a romantic relationship with famous actor Taye Diggs. They confirmed their relationship in February 2022 after being spotted together at a party months prior. Though Jones and Diggs have racked up supporters who enjoy watching their comical videos, fans have voiced concerns regarding a possible breakup between the two. 

The last time social media users had the pleasure of seeing Jones and Diggs together was back in May. Since then, they have continued sharing silly content, just not by each other’s sides. 

While it is unclear where their relationship currently stands, Jones told fans that she and Diggs text all the time last month. However, her statement was soon challenged by her son Megaa, who accused her of not telling the truth. 

The child’s comment was enough information for social media users to come to the conclusion that the pair’s relationship was no more. 

To help rid them of any “Tarpryl” withdrawals, fans can watch Diggs and Jones in their new movie, “The Comeback,” on Peacoc.


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