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Rapper Charli Baltimore Beefs With Weight Loss Tea Company After Product Allegedly Lands Her In Hospital

Charli Baltimore is beefing with the people at Flat Tummy Tea, who have a product that’s supposed to flatten the stomach, and it’s all being played out on social media.

According to Charli — who grew to fame in the ‘90s working with The Notorious B.I.G. — she’s been promoting the company for years until the tea apparently made her sick and landed her in the hospital. She then posted about her experience on social media and got a nasty email from a Flat Tummy Tea representative.

Charli Baltimore Beefs With the Flat Tummy Tea Company On Social Media

Charli Baltimore Instagram

Charli also posted a screenshot of the email exchange and said the representative didn’t care about her condition in the least.

“Now this person here? I have no idea,” she wrote. “This isn’t the only email. He was just adamant about me taking down my last post. Because their tea wasn’t in it [I said] okay, cool. But then it turned into take all the posts down after telling me I did a great job.”

“My problem, @flattummyco, is your employees,” Charli continued. “Why do I always seem to get the ones who think they can speak to adults like they’re children? Your company went as far as putting a block on my PayPal last year when I was in the hospital for your money back .Yes, eventually you apologized and rectified the situation, but for your reputation, not out of being dead ass wrong.”

The company already responded to Charli revealing their issues with each other and told her to remove the messages or they’ll try to shut down her PayPal once more.

“Remove your last post on your page,” wrote Elijah Simmons, who works with Flat Tummy Tea. “If your post is not deleted, PayPal will be launching a dispute on your account.”

Charli then shot back and told Simmons that she may file a civil suit.

“ F– y’all tea,” she wrote. “I will boycott your sh– everyday as soon as you go f—– with my PayPal Account. Oh, and they own several companies. I forgot to mention, when I was hospitalized it wasn’t a tea they wanted me to promote, it was a sneaky vaunt bra from my hospital bed. How sexy. GTFOH … My stomach was flat from the RIP …..Your tea had no bearing on my waistline.”

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