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Jennifer Anniston Says She’s ‘So Over Cancel Culture,’ Gets Ripped By Jamie Foxx Fans Over Hypocrisy

Jennifer Aniston is still the subject of unfavorable comments from Jamie Foxx’s fanbase, almost two weeks after she accused the star of being anti-Semitic. Ironically, it now seems as though new comments from the actress have reinvigorated the criticism.

“I’m so over cancel culture,” said Aniston in a Wall Street Journal article published on Aug. 22, though it is unclear when the interview took place.

Jamie Foxx fans say Jennifer Anniston owes him an apology for blindly connecting his "Fake Friends" post to claims of anti-Semitism
Jamie Foxx fans say Jennifer Anniston still owes him an apology for unsubstantiated anti-Semitism; this comes after she slams cancel culture. (Photo:@Iamjamiefoxx/Instagram; @Jenniferaniston/Instagram)

“I probably just got canceled by saying that. I just don’t understand what it means. Is there no redemption?” she asked before stating that not everyone can be categorized as disgraced Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein.

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The cancel culture movement was popularized around 2017. Several celebrities have been targeted by the movement after being called out for problematic behavior — to include both current and past situations that have resurfaced. Aniston faced a dogpile of people calling for her ruins after she was accused of weaponizing a cryptic post shared by Foxx on Aug. 4.

“THEY KILLED THIS DUDE NAME JESUS… WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY’LL DO TO YOU???! #fakefriends #fakelove,” he wrote in his Instagram Story. The following day, the “Friends” star slammed Foxx’s message after it appeared as though she engaged with a separate account that shared his post with claims that he expressed hostility toward the Jewish community.

“This really makes me sick. I did not “like” this post on purpose or by accident. And more importantly, I want to be clear to my friends and anyone hurt by this showing up in their feeds – I do NOT support any form of antisemitism. And I truly don’t tolerate HATE of any kind. Period,” she wrote in a since-deleted post of her own.

Soon afterward, “The Good Girl” actress disabled her comments. Foxx issued an apology to those who misconstrued his message and added clarity, stating that he had been betrayed by someone he believed to be a close friend. Despite demands for Aniston to publicly apologize to her peer, she has remained silent on the matter.

Her perspective on cancel culture, though, instead has been perceived as an indication of her character as it pertains to the controversial snafu. “She’s dodging accountability for Jamie Foxx,” assumed one person.

“Wtf is Jennifer Aniston talking about smh go apologize to Jamie Foxx and stop saying dumb s—t,” wrote another individual.

Foxx, 55, has been on the mend for months after experiencing an undisclosed health scare in April. In a July Instagram message, he spoke out to fans for the first time.

During a recent vacation trip to Tulum, Mexico, he updated his followers again, stating that he was finally beginning to feel like himself again.

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