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‘He Never Told Sheree?’: Bob Whitfield Shocks Ex Shereé Whitfield and ‘RHOA’ Cast After Bringing ‘Secret’ Daughter to Their Grandchild’s ‘Sip and See’

Shereé Whitfield’s ex-husband Bob Whitfield made an appearance on the latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and he came bearing an unforgettable gift: a “secret” daughter. 

The former NFL player attended his ex-wife’s “Sip and See,” event which honored their granddaughter, Mecca Joie. The infant baby was born in April, and belongs to their son, Kairo Whitfield and his girlfriend, Alina Baber.

While at the event, the “She by Shereé” fashion designer and her “RHOA” co-stars wondered about the mysterious woman who stood close to Bob while taking family photos.

Shereé Whitfield's ex Bob causes confusion after bringing his 'secret child' to their grandchild's sip-and-see.
Shereé Whitfield’s ex-husband Bob causes confusion after bringing his ‘secret child’ to their grandchild’s sip-and-see. (Pictured: @shereewhitfield/Instagram; @itsbobwhitfield/Instagram)

At first, Kenya Moore suggested that she was Bob’s sister but Kandi Burruss had a different belief. “Does he have another daughter we don’t know about?” she said.

Meanwhile, Shereé thought the woman was Bob’s newest flavor of the week, and she pulled her beau Martell Holt into the photos as an act of pettiness. 

“I was being shady too,” she told Burruss. Afterward, the self-professed glamma pulled Bob to the side, and he revealed that Jane Doe, is his daughter, named Candice.

“Daughter?” A shocked Shereé asked. “You didn’t tell this story. We were married and everything; I didn’t know.”

Candice then confirmed that she falls right under Bob’s oldest daughter, Lanise, from a previous relationship. 

“So before we got married Bob said he had two kids. We then had two more kids. So, 26 years later, come to find out he has three kids,” she explained during her confessional.

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Though this appears to be the first time the 53-year-old entrepreneur found out about Candice, the young woman expressed that she’s had several opportunities to spend time with her half-siblings, Kairo and Kaleigh. 

“And I’ve gotten the chance to like be at some family events with Kairo and Kaleigh so they’ve been really good to me,” Candice shared. 

Shereé also has an older daughter, Tierra, from a previous relationship. When she asked Bob to reveal “the story” about Candice and when she was born, he took a laughable approach to the situation, calling his ex-wife “Step-mommy Shereé.” 

However, Bob didn’t get off so easily when it came to Shereé’s chatty castmates

“I have known Bob since I was 19 years old. I didn’t know he had a secret child, so this is news to me,” Burrus said in her confessional.

The other “RHOA” women didn’t hesitate to press him about the timeline of Candice’s birth, which allegedly falls during his and Shereé’s relationship. Moore pressed him about why he didn’t mention having another child to her friend, and he suggested that they were on a “need-to-know basis” back then.

“Bob, at the baby reveal you decide to reveal another baby?” Burruss asked. 

The former athlete admitted that Candice began making appearances around her siblings “later in life,” but allegedly never met Shereé until now. 

The confused group of ladies continued asking their questions, which caused an overwhelmed Bob to make his exit from the scene. “I did not know it was going to be Bob’s inquisition,” he said jokingly.

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Once Shereé circled back to the women for a photo op, they informed her of what Bob had to say. However, she seemed unfazed while suggesting that Bob has always “Been a piece of s–t, still a piece of s–t. Cheese!”

It wasn’t long before Twitter users voiced their displeasure with Bob’s shady actions. One fan wrote, “Bravo, Please don’t bring Bob around. He is truly a piece of s–t. And he never told Sheree? Her kids didn’t tell their mom? This is how she finds out and she’s not mad? I can’t believe this is the first time she finds out. Something is way off! #RHOA.”

Another user penned, “Bob is so darn trifling, and I’mma need Shereé to get a clue. You let this man bring a woman you don’t know into YOUR FAMILY PICTURE??? There’s a lot of stupidity, foolishness and shenanigans in the Chateau right now. #RHOA.”

The Bob and Shereé love saga began after the pair married in 2000. They divorced seven years later, right before the first season of “RHOA” premiered on Bravo Network. 

Throughout the show, fans were able to see the couple endure court battles as well as intense arguments. There was even a time when Shereé accused her ex-husband of choking her, which he denied and then later joked about.

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