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‘KAIRO HAD A BABY?!’: Shereé Whitfield Becomes a ‘Glamma’ After Her Son Becomes a Father, Bravo TV Reps Say

As the premiere of season 15 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” slowly approaches, fans have learned that a certain fashion designer has officially become a grandma.

According to Bravo TV, Shereé Whitfield’s son, Kairo Whitfield, welcomed a baby girl into the world.

Sheree Whitfield becomes a grandmom after her son, Kairo, welcomes child (L-R) Sheree and Kairo Whitfield (Pictured: @kairo.whitfield/Instagram)

The outlet shared an “RHOA” press release that gave fans insight into what the 53-year-old’s journey looks like for this upcoming season.

“Sheree is stepping into her greatness after suffering public humiliation when her last relationship didn’t go as planned,” they reported. 

“But she didn’t let that get in the way of giving love a second chance with the new man in her life, Martell Holt. However, as she faces an unexpected health issue, she will have to shift all her focus. Will there be enough Sheree to go around?” 

Fans were introduced to Whitfield and her son during the first season of “RHOA” back in 2008. Throughout his appearances, viewers watch Kairo finish high school and go off to attend the historically Black men’s institution Morehouse College.

As news about Whitefield’s status as a ‘Glamma,’ fans mentioned her beau Martell Holt and what she’s preparing to go through this season.

“Not this write up putting “stepping into greatness” and “suffering public humiliation” in one sentence to describe my girl Shereé and KAIRO HAD A BABY?! also sighhh not this Martell Holt guy — I read up on him and I’m scared for Shereé. #rhoa.”

Another said, “Kairo had a baby?? i feel so old but i know sheree will be motheringg this season.”

One of the most memorable on-screen moments with Kairo and his mother happened during the show’s ninth season. In one episode, the two had a discussion about the then 19-year-old after he was arrested for a DUI. 

When asked to explain himself, Kairo admitted that he smoked pot earlier that day, but wasn’t under the influence while he was driving. 

“He pulled me over for an expired tag, not for driving reckless or anything,” he said. “Then he pulled me out the car, he didn’t find anything in there.”

During their conversation, Whitfield became emotional as she expressed to her child how scared she was after receiving the phone call that her Black son had been taken into police custody. 

“Anything could happen,” she told him. “And this is something you have to put in your head that as a Black young man, you’re not on the same playing field as a lot of people. And that’s the f—-d up part about it.”

Kairo graduated from Morehouse College in 2020 and reportedly worked with Tyler Perry during season 14 of the show.

In addition to Kairo, Whitfield also has a 30-something-year-old daughter named Tierra Fuller, and a 24-year-old daughter, Kaleigh Whitfield.

Season 15 of “RHOA” returns on May 7 on Bravo.

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