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‘Should’ve Spent More Time with His Business Instead of Throwing Shots at Russell’: Future Loses Child Support Battle; Judge Orders Increase In Monthly Payments

Future’s child support payments just got a little bigger after a judge ruled to increase the amount the Atlanta rapper must give to the mother of his 10-year-old son, Prince.

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Future’s child support payments are getting higher, a recent report claims. (Photo: Prince Williams / Wireimage via Getty Images)

RadarOnline reports that the “Low Life” artist’s monthly payments to Brittni Mealy have been increased from $3,000 to $5,000 due to a “substantial change in the income and financial status of the Father.” Court documents declared Future’s monthly income to be $30,000 a month while Mealy brought in $14,000 a month.

The judgment comes after Mealy filed suit in November 2022 claiming an increase was necessary because the rapper failed to “exercise his scheduled parenting time” and left her with “the burden of additional expenses” concerning their son.

Future responded that he “consistently and timely paid his child support obligation” and demanded the suit be tossed out and his payments stay the same.

After news about the case hit social media, users began sharing their opinions and hilarious reactions.

“He most definitely makes more than 30k per month,” wrote on Twitter user.
“And he’s got like 10kids. The math ain’t mathing and the @USTreasury needs to take a look.”

A few referred to his recent online drama after he called out the husband of another one of his exes in a song.

Two said, “He’s worried about Ciara & Russell Sr. Not the baby” and “Good 4 her. He should’ve spent more time with his business instead of throwing shots at Russell.”

A fourth person said, “Future has been losing BIG! You’d think he’d learn his lesson by now. I’m happy Brittni won!”

The self-proclaimed “Toxic King” stirred up controversy shortly after the suit was filed by flashing a large wad of cash on Instagram, boasting as he thumbed through the bills: “That’s a quarter M just right there.”

Mealy is a fashion influencer and owner of the online clothing boutique, From Britt.

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