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‘The Writings Were on the Wall’: Tina Knowles-Lawson Files for Divorce from Husband Richard Lawson After Eight Years of Marriage, Fans Say She Missed All the ‘Red Flags’

Tina Knowles-Lawson has decided to end her marriage of eight years with her husband, Richard Lawson a few days after the estranged couple were spotted at a movie premiere.

The 69-year-old officially filed for divorce on Wednesday, July 26 and reportedly listed Tuesday as their date of separation in legal documents obtained by TMZ. She claims irreconcilable differences are the reason for their split. 

Tina Knowles-Lawson files for divorce from actor Richard Lawson. (Photo: @mrrichardlawson/Instagram)

Per the outlet, Mama Tina has asked the court to terminate the court’s capability to award spousal support to her or the actor, 76. The fashion designer would also like her name, which changed to Celestine Lawson, to be changed back to Celestine Knowles. 

Knowles-Lawson and Lawson said their “I dos” back in 2015, and do not share any children together. The House of Deréon creator had two children, Beyoncé and Solange, with her first husband of 31 years, Mathew Knowles. They officially parted ways and divorced in 2011 after the record executive fathered a child with another woman.

Once news about Tina and Richard’s separation hit social media, several fans shared their inferred reasons for the Lawsons’ union ending. Here are the top red flags that fans say prove their split was inevitable. 

Red Flag #1 — The Couples Interview on “Black Love” 

Three years after getting married, the Lawsons appeared on OWN’s popular series, “Black Love.” During their discussion, Knowles-Lawson explained, “I prayed for the type of man I wanted and I got pretty much that.”

“Is he perfect? Absolutely not, ” she continued, “but – you know… he has a lot of the qualities.”

Fans noticed the scrunched-up look on Lawson’s face as he asked his wife, “No?” To which she looked at him and sharply said, “No.” 

Once the clip from their interview resurfaced online one fan wrote, “I mean, the writings were on the wall for Tina Knowles and Richard Lawson.” 

A few others zoomed in on their seemingly stern facial expressions throughout the interview, inferring that there were unresolved issues within the marriage back then.

Red Flag #2 — Richard Lawson’s Message to Kelly Rowland

Last October, Kelly Rowland sent social media ablaze with her sultry Catwoman costume for Halloween. The Destiny Child’s songstress shared a video of herself lip-syncing a scene from Halle Berry’s 2004 film, “Catwoman.” 

Her comment section quickly went left after Lawson decided to leave a message that had folks scratching their heads.  

“Bordering soft p–n,” he wrote. His remark drew in negative responses from Instagram users who found the comment quite inappropriate. 

Red Flag #3 — Richard Lawson’s Absence from Beyoncé’s Tour

Beyoncé kicked off her highly-anticipated Renaissance World Tour back in May in Europe. Throughout her overseas stops, fans have repeatedly spotted Mama Tina in the crowd at every show cheering for her daughter.

However, many individuals began asking about Lawson’s whereabouts after several videos of Tina by herself circulated online. This prompted fans to speculate that the couple was either already separated or on the road to separation. 

Red Flag #4 — Richard Lawson’s Alleged Addiction

It wasn’t long before fans became would-be FBI agents, digging up information online to figure out exactly why the beloved couple called things off. Within hours of the divorce announcement, folks came across Lawson’s Twitter account which gave them insight on his explicit likes. 

While his account has since been deactivated, one Twitter user was able to screen-record his likes in a video. Fans were able to see all of the different kinds of salacious tweets and videos that were apparently pleasing to Lawson’s eyes. 

Because of this, social media users began to speculate that Lawson had a sexual fetish and connected that to the cause of his divorce. 

“Someone should’ve told Richard Lawson that Twitter likes are public. My man had mad p–n in his likes before he deleted his page lol. ‘YOU’S A FREAKY A– N—A!’” one person wrote.

Neither Knowles-Lawson nor Lawson have publicly spoken out about their divorce, but still follow each other on Instagram.

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