‘She Looking for Her Security’: Fans Say Tina Knowles Looked ‘Scared’ After Being ‘Ambushed’ By Reality Star at Beyoncé’s Concert

Fans are wondering where was Tina Knowles‘ “security” after a reality star geeked out over meeting the House of Deréon fashion designer at Beyoncé’s recent concert. 

Over the weekend, the “Break My Soul” hitmaker put on an epic two-night performance in her hometown of Houston, Texas, as a part of her raved-about Renaissance World Tour. 

As always, Momma Tina was in the audience, where she was spotted by internet personality and “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” cast member Bobby Lytes. The 32-year-old can be seen recording himself while dancing to Yoncé and Megan Thee Stallion’s 2020 hit song, “Savage Remix.” 

Fans say a reality star 'forced' a camera in Tina Knowles' face during the Beyoncé concert. (L) Tina Knowles.
Fans say Bobby Lytes ‘forced’ a camera in Tina Knowles’ face during the Beyoncé concert. (L) Tina Knowles. (Pictured: @mstinaknowles/Instagram) (R) Bobby Lytes (Pictured: @bobbylytes/Instagram)

In his video, Lytes panned his camera to Knowles, who could also be seen rapping her daughter’s lyrics: “And my momma was a savage, N—-a I got this s–t from Tina.” 

Lytes then moved his camera closer to the businesswoman’s face where she waved for his recording. “The Queen,” he said while pointing to Knowles-Lawson. 

The two celebrities then had a quick chat, which couldn’t be transcribed due to the loud cheers from concert attendees. “Got that s–t from @mstinaknowles,” Lytes wrote over the video. 

His video was soon obtained by Hollywood Unlocked, whose commenters zoomed in on Knowles-Lawson’s seemingly unbothered expression when the camera first hit her face. 

“Met? looks like he forced a camera in her face but her i’m at home.”

“She looking for her security.”

“Don’t be scaring mama Tina Bobby.” 

“Was it a meet or ambush?”

“She did not wanna be bothered.” 

During his time on reality TV, Lytes has racked up a large amount of supporters and also obtained an even larger amount of haters. Lytes’ love for drama and conflict along with his unfiltered mouth has gotten him into some trouble on and off the “LHH” set and with his cousin, rapper Trina. 

One of his biggest beefs involved another notable internet personality, Rolling Ray. Fans were given a front-seat view in their feud in 2021 after both socialites agreed to talk things out on the Zeus Original show “The Conversation.” 

The one-season series acted as a way for reality stars to try to come to a clear consensus after embarking on years’-long beefs with each other. A few other stars who were on the show included “LHH: Hollywood” enemies Hazel E and Masika and “LHH” couple Ray J and Princess Love. 

Ray J and Love were the first ones to introduce the show to fans in 2020. During their unscripted episode, the married couple publicly addressed the problems that arose in their marriage. 

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