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‘This Is on Mathew NOT His Other Kids’: Mathew Knowles’ Ex-Mistress Wants to Know Why Beyoncé Won’t Establish a Relationship with Her Half-Brother Despite Living 10 Miles Away

Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z have just purchased one of the most expensive houses in California only 10 miles from her half-brother, Nixon, and his mother, Alexsandra Wright. Wright has a son with Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles, and the “Formation” songstress has yet to pay visit Nixon a visit, his mother says.

To refresh readers’ minds, Wright became pregnant with Nixon in 2009 during a relationship with Knowles while he was still married to the megastar’s mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson

Mathew knowles says he overpaid in child support
Alexsandra Wright is calling out Beyonce, the daughter of her son’s father, Mathew Knowles, for not establishing a relationship with him. (Photos: @badkitty888/Instagram; @mathewknowles/Instagram)

In 2010, Wright gave birth to the now 13-year-old and is currently claiming that the “Renaissance” singer wants nothing to do with her younger brother.

Per Wright, she and Nixon were forced to move into a mobile home after going bankrupt in 2014 over a child support custody battle with Knowles. In the end, Wright was out of $250,000. Three years after the incident, Wright was finally able to afford her own apartment.

Now the mother of one is living in a five-bedroom home in a suburban neighborhood of Los Angeles. 

According to The Sun, she claimed that Beyoncé has no interest in visiting them.

“She [Beyoncé] is a billionaire and just bought the most expensive house in California, ten miles from where we live,” Wright told the outlet. “But no, there has not been any contact.” 

She also stated that her child often asks, “Why doesn’t that person love me?” 

The young teenager is allegedly struggling to find his own identity and frequently faces questions about his relation to Beyoncé while at school.

“People will ask him straight up at school, ‘Are you the brother?’” Wright said. “Whatever they can Google they will ask him directly and even the grown-ups will take pictures of him.” 

Though Nixon does not have the pleasure of living a “normal” life, Wright strives to implement an important life lesson in him as he’s on this journey of self-discovery.

“I tell him, ‘fame does not equal happiness’ so never covet what someone else has.” She continued, “But it’s hard to see people living as billionaires. What does that kid think when I am working 16 hours a day and trying to get accounts paid? How does it feel?” 

Noting her belief that Beyoncé is a “lovely person,” Wright made sure to voice her desire for her “son to be free and to have a happy life.”

Her remarks were shared on The Jasmine Brand’s Instagram page, where fans raced to Yoncé’s defense while also offering Wright pieces of unsolicited advice. 

“Don’t have kids with married people. Problem solved ma’am.”

“You slept with a known married man, had his baby and expect his daughter to take care of you? This is on Matthew NOT his other kids.”

“Play side chick games, win sidechick prizes!”

“Oh she thought she was gonna have a baby with Matthew and have access to Beyoncé.” 

Knowles was married to Beyoncé’s mother from 1980 to 2011. Though he does not have a relationship with Nixon, he does pay his child support. Knowles also has a daughter, Koi, with a woman named Taqoya Branscomb, who was born in 2010. It’s unclear if they have a relationship.

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