‘Ray Finally Saw the Life and Fought for His Wife’: Fans Say Ray J and Princess Love ‘Seem So Different’ After Announcing Plans to Step Away from Reality TV

Ray J and Princess Love are ready to embark on “a new chapter” in their lives as they step away from the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise after giving fans a decade of entertainment. 

The couple and their two children; 5-year-old Melody Love and 3-year-old Epik Ray Norwood, were recently spotted poolside as they filmed their last season of the popular VH1 reality TV series. 

Princess Love and Ray J say that they are stepping away from the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise. (Photo: @rayj/Instagram.)

In Ray J’s Instagram Live, which was obtained by 9MagTV, he can be heard discussing the goals he and Love want to attain before exiting the show for good. 

“Since this my last, this my last season of ‘Love and Hip Hop,’ we gotta go out with a bang, you know what I’m saying,” he shared. 

The family of four recently moved to Miami, Florida, where they are currently filming the newest season of, “LHH: MIA.” The couple appeared on “LHH: Hollywood” for six seasons before moving to “LHH: MIA.” 

Throughout his Live, Ray J thanked all of the companies and networks that played a role in his and Love’s time on the franchise. 

“We just wanna thank, you know, Viacom. We want to thank VH1, we want to thank BET, MTV. Everybody for holding us down,” he said. “For over a decade, we all made a lot of money together so we gonna celebrate this last season a big way.” 

According to the “One Wish” singer, he and Love have plans to “tap in” more on social media amid their hiatus, in order to hone into the different projects and newfound business ventures that they have brewing. 

Ray J shared, “We starting a new network, and umm gonna play more behind the scenes.” 

He went on to reveal that his upcoming content distribution company is “on the way.” It will include, “A whole new budget, we done raised a lot of money to do something big. So, this our final season of Love and Hip Hop.” 

The two previously executive produced the first season of the 2020 Zeus network series “The Conversation,” which served as a platform for reality stars to address their issues with one another.

While the news of Ray J and Love exiting “LHH” may be a hard pill to swallow for fans, many commenters praised the couple for their ability to stay together in spite of their highly publicized drama. 

“I am happy for them. I am glad they decided to make it work. Ray finally saw the light and fought for his wife and kids. There is nothing in them streets really. I am glad they are tapping out on love and hip-hop. Its to focus on new things and bring money!!! Their kids are to cute.” 

“So proud of Ray and Princess I want them together. They’re for each other. I am sad about this being their last year on here, Idk like the original cast of these LHH franchise will always be the best no matter what.” 

“They look & seem so different, happier. Whatever they did to work things out kudos to them!” 

Ray J and Love decided to give their marriage another try after three unsuccessful divorce filings. In an interview with Kevin Fraizer for “Entertainment Tonight,” Ray J admitted that realizing that their marriage was about to be officially over, changed “the whole scope of things and so I’m happy we, we stuck in there.”

The pair walked down the aisle in 2016, but soon faced rocky waters after rumors of infidelity, on Ray J’s end, hit the scene. 

Regardless of their drama, it appears as if Ray J and Love have decided to follow their vows and stick with each other for better or for worse.

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