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‘She Looks Preggers’: Ray J Shares New Video with His Wife Princess Love After Dropping Their Kids Off at School, Fans Say She’s Expecting

Ray J was holding back tears in the car with his wife, Princess Love, after dropping their children off at school for the first time. The couple welcomed a daughter, Melody, in 2018 and a son, Epik, in 2019.

Princess Love, Ray J
Ray J, Princess Love, and their children, daughter Melody and son Epik. (Photo: @Princesslove/Instagram.)

Footage from the milestone experience has fans speculating that the two reality stars are expecting their third child together.

The belief arose after the “One Wish” singer uploaded a video to Instagram revealing how emotional he was over the simple act of taking his kids to school.

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“Man, I just took my kids to school for the first time … and it was emotional; I ain’t gon’ lie. I got choked up,” he said in the clip. “I’m not an emotional type of person either. I wonder do all parents.”

His busy schedule as a tech entrepreneur with multiple businesses is what could have prevented Ray J from taking his kids to school each morning. It’s also unclear if the children are in summer school or if the video is old.

When the camera pivoted to Love, who teased her husband by fake crying, her appearance looked a bit different than usual, leading fans to wonder if she is pregnant. Many zoomed in on her slight glow and rose-colored cheeks.

“She looks preggers,” one person commented on the video. Another echoed, “Does Princess look a little prego over there or is it just me?” A third responded, “She definitely is, all in her face.”

The questioning comes just a few months after Ray J, 42, decided not to go through with ending his marriage to Love, 38.

The duo has been through a lot during their six-year marriage, from Ray J’s infidelity to several very public arguments and break-ups. The formerly estranged couple wed in 2016 but filed for divorce three times in the past two years.

However, the Raycon co-founder vowed to fight for his family on his birthday, Jan. 17. He seemingly put action behind his words by asking the court to dismiss his divorce filing in February.

“Had to get my wife back and start fresh. I love my family!! I’ll fight over and over for life for my family and kids!!” he wrote in the caption of an Instagram video. “I’ll put it all on the line for my children to be happy, safe, and close to me 24/7!!!”

One of the couple’s most infamous spats was captured on season one of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” During an argument over dinner, Ray J pushed Love into a pool after telling her he didn’t think they needed to be together.

The pair seem to be trying their best to work it out, and Ray J has admitted some of his faults. He said he needed to learn how to compromise and communicate to be a better husband to Love.

“If you feel a certain way express yourself about it,” Ray J said during an interview on “The Breakfast Club.” “There’s questions you wanna ask, but can you handle the answer?” 

The tech entrepreneur also said he had to learn how to prioritize spending time with his wife and thinking of her as both a lover and a “close friend.”

“Dudes wanna hang out with they friends and have the fun. … You gotta think your girl or your dude been in the house for days, and you just wanna come back and lay up ’cause you tired?” he asked.

Fans are sending them future congratulatory wishes anyway. “Congratulations to the baby on the way I had to do a double take,” one fan commented under Ray J’s Father’s Day post to his dad.

Only time will tell, but most seem glad the love is still there between these two.

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