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‘Tried to Rob the Captain … Not Quavo’: Video Shows Quavo Zip Tied at Wrists as Police Investigate Alleged Robbery on Boat In Miami

Quavo was among a group of people aboard a yacht in Miami earlier this week when authorities responded to an alleged robbery.

The Migos rapper was detained on the night of Sunday, July 23, by local police officers after receiving a call about two men who allegedly threatened the boat’s captain. 

MAY 2, 2022 — Rapper Quavo signs a check for a $150,000 donation to The Tender Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo: @quavohancho / Instagram)

According to WPLG’s Local 10, things turned hostile once the group was informed that their rental time on the boat had come to an end, therefore it needed to be returned. 

A report claims that Cornell Whitfield, 39, and Anteneh Workeneh, 32, became “very aggressive” toward the captain, the entire crew, and allegedly requested a refund. 

The captain alleges Whitfield threatened to kill him and throw his body overboard if he turned the boat around.

Whitfield has also been accused of taking a wallet, containing $3,500, and his cellphone before threatening another crew member, whom he allegedly followed to a room, according to police, although the crew member denies being followed.

No one was physically harmed and no arrests were made due to “conflicting statements,” but police did discover two weapons on the yacht.

“It shall be noted that although two firearms were located on scene, no threats were made with the firearms,” the report states. “No cameras were located on the boat that faced where the alleged incident took place.”

The boat’s owner, who alerted the police, confirmed that the dispute was about the expired rental time. Quavo, born Quavious Keyate Marshall, and a dozen others were reportedly detained for questioning.

TMZ obtained video footage of the “MotorSport” rapper with zip ties around his hands. He can be seen sitting on the boat deck with his hands behind his back while three officers stood close by. One woman with dark hair can also be seen standing nearby while a blond-haired woman sat close at a table.

In a statement to the outlet, Quavo’s attorney Drew Finding, stated, “To be clear Quavo was NOT mentioned in the police report narrative. Not only was Quavo NOT arrested, he is not even listed as a witness to any alleged dispute.” 

The “conflicting” reports have raised more concerns and questions from Quavo’s fan about what exactly happened.

“They said two n—as robbed the captain/boat crew cuz they wanted they money back. How y’all mad at Quavo just cuz he was on the boat lol.”

“Who robbed a yacht with Quavo on it? had him in zipties??”

“The clickbait is crazy , they tried to rob the captain of the boat not Quavo.”

“Aye dawggg that Quavo boat robbery thing is wild…how does TMZ get footage of him in zip tie cuffs.”

The “Honey Bun” rapper has not issued a statement about the ongoing investigation or what took place on the boat. But he has shared several Instagram posts promoting his new album, “Rocket Power,” which is set to be released on Aug. 4. 

The project will also pay homage to Quavo’s late nephew and Migos group member TakeOff. The 28-year-old passed away last November in Houston, Texas, after he was shot in the head and torso during a dice game he and Quavo had been playing outside of a bowling alley.

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