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‘He Only Did This Cuz Saweetie Popped Out’: Quavo Spotted with Female Gymnast at Usher Concert After News About His Ex Saweetie Dating Another Rapper 

It looks like it’s pop-out season and a number of celebrities have stepped out with their significant others or their new love interest. After false rumors about Lori Harvey having lunch with Quavo, the 26-year-old model shared footage from her family vacation, where she was joined by her beau, Damson Idris. 

On July 17, Quavo’s ex Saweetie was spotted holding hands with West Coast rapper YG as they walked into a restaurant for dinner. The former couple dated for three years until their split in 2021.

Quavo and Saweetie were both spotted with new partners in the same week. (Photos: @quavohuncho/Instagram; @saweetie/Instagram)

And now Quavo himself has been spotted with a female gymnast who left fans drooling over her beauty on social media. 

Video footage shows Quavo seated next to Erica Fontaine at Usher’s Las Vegas Residency later that night. 

“I hope you don’t mind if I serenade your lady real quick,” the singer asked as he approached the two.

According to the rumor mill, Quavo and Fontaine have been dating for quick some time. But fans believe he only made a public appearance to spite Saweetie and her new man. 

“He only did this cuz saweetie popped out.”

“So he upgraded and saweetie downgraded.”

”He couldn’t let saweetie have all the fun lol. She’s gorgeous tho.”

“He seen her pop out with YG he had to get something going too.”

A few observers said he had “a type,” noting the comparisons between Saweetie and Fontaine’s black hair and light skin color. But others felt he was being “petty,” suggesting that maybe they miss each other. 

One said, “ ‘Lmaoooo that saweetie video pissed my boy clean off.’ He ain’t slick now be public with a girl after saweetee was posted with yg!!  pettyyy.”

Another wrote, “Oh, him and sweetie popped out at the same time they miss each other.”

A third person added, “A Coincidence That He Was “caught” With The Hard Working Lori Harvey…. Now he’s posted up with his “real” GF , and Lori is also posting with her “real” BF ❓ There’s Something Behind These Scenes….”

Quavo and Saweetie’s reveal of their new partners arrives days after Lori Harvey and Quavo had lunch at the same restaurant. There was no truth to the rumors about them dating and it appears that Idris’ time isn’t up just yet.

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