‘Revoking the Fake Cousin Title Is Crazy’: Migos Fans Are Torn After Offset Reveals He was Never Related to Quavo or Takeoff

Fans are in shock after Offset revealed he is not the biological cousin of fellow Migos members Quavo and the late TakeOff.

Offset and Quavo have seemingly been at odds for quite some time, though they made peace to attend Takeoff’s funeral last November.

Offset — whose legal name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus — and Migos rose to fame following the success of their hit single “Versace” in 2013. He opened up about the group and his solo career in a cover story for Variety.

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Recording artists (from left) Takeoff, Quavo, and Offset of Migos attend the 2021 BET Awards at the Microsoft Theater on June 27, 2021, in Los Angeles. (Photo: Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)

The article states that the rapper met Quavo and TakeOff when he was in the sixth grade when he was a classmate of Quavo. The trio often hung out at the “Workin Me” rapper’s house outside Atlanta.

Quavo is TakeOff’s uncle but they are only a few years apart in age, and the two often referred to Offset as their cousin and vice versa.

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After hanging out, they eventually formed the group Migos in 2008. TakeOff — whose legal name is Kirsnick Khari Ball — died tragically last November at the age of 28 after being caught in the crossfire during a disagreement over a dice game outside of bowling alley he and Quavo had gone to that evening in Houston, Texas.

The man accused of fatally shooting Ball, Patrick Clark, is a Houston strip club promotor and rapper known as DJ Pat. Clark was indicted on charges of killing Ball on May 25 by a Harris County grand jury, according to KHOU11 News. Clark was arrested last December.

Cephus is still mourning the loss of his group member Ball, whose image he recently had tattooed across his entire back. He shared a picture of the tattoo on Instagram with the caption, “Love you 4L & after.”

“It’s hard for me to talk about s—t right now. I’ve never talked about this stuff,” he continued during the interview. “Seriously, talking about Take is hard, man. Talking about all this s—t is hard. That’s why I don’t, to be honest. That s—t hurts. Like, it’s gonna put me in a mood, and I don’t want to get in that mood.”

Offset said he prefers to keep his thoughts to himself as he attempts to move on with reality.

“He’s not here. That s—t feels fake, bro,” he said noting that he gets through the day by pretending it’s not real. “I get through my day thinking it’s fake. And I don’t say nothing to nobody about it.”

OG Migos fans were aware of this decade-plus-long discussion. But fans on social media today were shocked and surprised to learn Offset wasn’t related to his former bandmates, prompting one fan to write, “Revoking the fake cousin title is crazy. they into it fr.”

Another fan replied, “we didn’t need to know this.”

“Still family,” noted another.

“Y’all can’t tell nobody who they can call they family, if i grew up with you, you my family period,” noted one final person.

Cephus and Quavo — whose legal name is Quavious Keyate Marshall — were reportedly not in the best place at the time of Ball’s death as they pursued their solo careers.

Earlier this year in February, a video seemingly confirmed that  Cardi B had to intervene during a brief altercation between the “Guwop” rappers.

Offset’s new album doesn’t have a title yet, but it will feature his wife, Chloe Bailey, Future, Latto, and a track with Takeoff that was recorded before his death.

Migos is also reportedly in the midst of a “legal standoff” with their record label, Quality Control. However, Quavo is also preparing to release his new album, “Rocket Power,” as a dedication to his nephew. The title was inspired by Takeoff’s 2018 solo album, “The Last Rocket.”

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