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‘My Knee Caught a Flat’: Rick Ross Says He’s ‘Not’ Okay After His Knees Gave Out During ‘Double Decker’ Pool Dive

Social media users are still talking about Rick Ross and his viral pool dive at a party last weekend.

Fans say the Maybach Music CEO failed miserably as he fell into a large pool at his estate dubbed the Promise Land instead of diving as he intended.

Rick Ross falls while attempting to dive into his pool. (Photos: @richforever/Instagram)

Due to the way Ross’ feet came from under him, several made jokes suggesting that he had torn his ACL. Meanwhile, others were concerned about the toll it may have taken on his body. A day later, he responded to fans in a video taken from his Instagram Story.

“Well, I’ma be honest; am I okay? Of course not,” he said. “I blew my tire. I got on the stage, I was feeling the energy, all the support from all the baddies. The biggest pool in the country. And I gave everybody my word I would do the double decker slapper.”

The 47-year-old said he felt obligated to the “double decker slapper” because he gave fans his word on his Instagram Story earlier this week.

“What is that? Who knows,” he continued. “I’ve never heard of it. I made it up on the diving board. I did a double bounce and boy, my knee caught a flat.”

Regardless of how it happened, Ross’ deep pool jump has become a viral moment fans will not be able to forget.

“Dem knees took 2 tons of compression on that second bounce.”

“Money means nothing without health.. The biggest pool in the country and your knee said “I quit”…”

“Bruh Got Them Lemon Pepper Knees!!”

“Ross needs his own tv show.”

Ross’ 235-acre property has a 350,000-gallon swimming pool and a private zoo of animals. He went viral last year for adding a lion, lioness, buffaloes, horses, cows and other exotic animals to his estate. Those same buffalo and cows angered his neighbors who complained about them wandering into other people’s properties.

The “Biggest Boss” also owns a fleet of cars, which he displayed at his second-annual car show in May.

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