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‘BBL Drizzy Called His Mommy on Me’: Drake’s Attempt to Shut Down Plastic Surgery Rumors with Text from Mom Fails Following Rick Ross’ Accusations

The rap world is on fire with many of the game’s top artists exchanging verbal blows. Sitting on top of the heap is Drake, who rendered a vicious diss track after being at the center of Kendrick Lamar’s diss track “Like That,” which also called out J. Cole.

Drake’s four-minute exchange “Push Ups (Drop and Give Me 50)” bombed on the Compton rapper and his producer Metro Boomin’, he also targeted his frequent collaborator, Miami-native Rick Ross.

Drake and Rick Ross excite hip-hop fans after trading jabs in diss tracks.
Drake and Rick Ross excite hip-hop fans after trading jabs in diss tracks. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images; Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

This also comes after the Canadian took a few blows from Future and Metro’s “We Still Don’t Trust You” album. But fans online are enjoying all of the lyrical competition.

“Ns really got me out here rappin’ like I’m 50, Ns really got me out here rappin’ what I’m livin’/ I might take your latest girl and cuff her like I’m Ricky/ Can’t believe he jumpin’ in, this na turnin’ 50/ Every song that made it on the chart, he got from Drizzy/ Spend that lil’ check you got and stay up out my business,” Drake rapped on the track that has yet to be officially released.

Snippets of the song have been circulating online. Not to be outdone, Rozay quickly hopped in the booth and put out a song called “Champagne Moments.”

The song was just as disrespectful as the Canadian emcee. First he called the biracial chart-topper a “white boy,” then accused the OVO label head of stealing his style and swag from his boss Young Money CEO Lil Wayne.

Ross also claimed that Drake uses ghostwriters to pen his hit songs, and that he once sent French Montana a cease-and-desist letter— prompting the Maybach Music executive to unfollow him on social media platforms.

However, what got under Drake’s skin was an assertion that he had a nose job done.

“That’s why you had an operation to make your nose smaller than your father’s nose,” Ross said. “That wasn’t the same white boy I seen when we was making them earlier hits.”

The plastic surgery allegations have been floating around for some time but resurfaced after Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion implied that Drake had work done on her “Cobra” song released in January 2024.

“These n—gas hate on BBLs and be walkin’ ‘round with the same scars’/Real curvy, no edgin’” and “Cosplay gangsters, fake a— accents/ Posted in another n—ga hood like a bad b—ch,” she rapped.

In 2016, Joe Budden also accused Drake of going under the knife, claiming he went to plastic surgeon Michael “Dr. Miami” Salzhauer.

But it seems that Ross’ rap opened up those old wounds. It appears the artist born Aubrey Graham tried to dispel the rumors by posting an exchange between him and his mother, Sandi Graham, in his Instagram Story.

Drake shares text messages with his mother on his Instagram Story and also reposts Uma Thurman’s ‘Kill Bill’ Costume. (Photos: @champagnepapi/Instagram)

“Aubs— the internet is saying you got a nose job?? You looked the same to me in the kitchen today,” she allegedly wrote. “I can’t believe you would get one without me, [silly face emoji] cuz you know I always wanted one.”

She added, “Don’t tell me that you got tattoos without me and now this, too?”

The “God’s Plan” rapper allegedly responded with several crying laughing face emojis, before writing, “I would have got us a 2 for 1 deal if I went ma.”

“It’s coming from Rick Ross the guy I did songs with,” Drake continued. “He’s gone loopy off the Mounjaro. He hasn’t eaten in days and it’s turned him angry and racist. He’s performing at proms for money. It’s bad. Don’t worry, we’ll handle it,” tagging @richforever and writing, “You’re one nosey goof.”

Mounjaro is a tirzepatide injection used as an anti-diabetic medication used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and for weight loss, according to Eli Lilly and Company.

The Shade Room posted the messages, and their followers weighed in, with many seeking a response from Drake, who followed up in his Instagram Story with an image from the movie “Kill Bill” of Uma Thurman taking on a gang of sword-wielding ninjas.

After seeing the meme, the Boston actress tagged the artist in a post of the outfit she wore in battle during the cult classic movie and asked him “Need this? @Champagnepapi?”

While that might have seemed like the death blow, getting an A-list celebrity to side with him during the lyrical battle, Ross still had some tricks up his sleeve, writing “Think it fit me,” in the comments.

After posting and reposting memes about Drake’s nose, he posted a few images of him wearing Drake merch and his massive trunk jewelry hanging on his chest during a recent performance.

Rick Ross taunts Drake by wearing his merch during recent show performance. @richforever/Instagram

The Shade Room posted the messages, and their followers weighed in on whether Drake had work done, if Ross was obsessed with his “Diced Pineapples” collaborator, or if he lost this round of rap beef.

“Nose job?! Stop. That’s a real reach & corny. The amount of hate on Drake is pitiful. He’s just gonna keep winning no matter how hard they try,” wrote one person.

A second comment read, “Ion think I could ever hate drake. Buddy cold! Lil Wayne signed a goat.”

Meanwhile, some agreed that the “In My Feelings” artist did do something to his face.

“Google is free, Drake definitely did do something to his nose & you’re just delusional if you think otherwise,” one person wrote, as another commented, “Bro nose do appear a bit altered.”

The Maybach Music Group CEO didn’t stop there, as he posted a follow-up video addressing the family chat line.

“BBL Drizzy called his mommy on me,” Ross said, talking about the purported text messages. “Cupcake Drake, tell your Mama you stayed out past your curfew, white boy. You wanted to hang at the pub with the n—gas… smoke weed with the n—gas while we washed our old school Chevys.”

The “Hustlin’” artist kept attacking Drizzy’s “big nose” and pushing the rumor about him getting plastic surgery including getting his abs done.

“You had 25% body fat,” Ross continued, explaining it costs “40 bands” to get a six piece carved out of his stomach. The taunt did not end then, he added, “Tell your Mama (well in Miami we say ‘Ole’ Girl’), tell ol’ girl she’s a beautiful lady. I told you that before and I meant that.”

Fans are here for the disses. One person wrote on Instagram, “Didn’t respond to Meg tho,” while another wrapped it up in a nutshell, stating, “Drake and Rick Ross are the perfect people to go back and forth, they’re both petty as f.”

On a completely separate front is Atlanta rapper Future, who is also not taking any disrespect from the Young Money Prince. Like Ross, he has a long catalog of hits and albums with the “IDGAF” rapper, but it looks fans might not get another for a while.

“I could never be nobody number one fan… Your first number one I had to put it in your hand,” Drake rapped on “Push Ups.”

Quickly, Future, the Dungeon Family alum, shut him down, rapping on a song “We Don’t Trust You” featuring another Canadian artist, The Weeknd, “You a n–ga number one fan, dog / Sneak dissin, I don’t understand, dog / Pillowtalkin actin like a fed, dog. I don’t need another fake friend, dog.”

It seems that the Drake vs. the world battle is nowhere over, but this is exactly what fans believe the rap world needs right now.

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