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‘Knees Buckled Before the Fall’: Video of Rick Ross Attempting His ‘DOUBLE DECKER SLAPPER’ Stunt at His Pool Party Has Fans In Stitches

Rick Ross clearly had a ball while hosting a pool party at his mansion in Georgia over the weekend.

The rapper reportedly has the largest residential swimming pool in the nation at his 235-plus acre estate dubbed the Promise Land. But apparently his legs gave out just before he attempted to jump in the water.

A viral video shows the “Biggest Boss” in pink Belaire Rose swimming trunks standing on a diving board as he slowly begins jumping close to the edge. Fans watching believe he might have hurt himself due to his feet going sideways. He took two jumps before his feet came from under him and he rolled into the 350,000-gallon swimming pool instead of diving.

“Don’t try my ‘DOUBLE DECKER SLAPPER’ dive at home!” said Ross in his caption on Instagram, where he shared an extended version of his stunt.

“I think we all should enjoy @villonfrance today and chill. Peace.”

As the video continues to circulate, fans have been flooding social media with jokes about Ross’ giant spill in the water.

“Knees buckled before the fall He just be doing sh-t at this point. Love that for him.”

“Knees said ‘enough is enough.’”

“His knees was like, ‘yea iight.’.”

“He knees said ‘don’t play wit it, don’t play wit it.’”

Aside from the jokes, several fans noted that the “Biggest Boss” is always having fun doing extracurricular activities.

One said, “Rick be living! Can’t hate on that,” while another added, “Rick Ross is definitely having the time of his life. He be looking like he is enjoying life to the fullest.”

Another exciting stunt that took place at Ross’ extravagant pool party was when a special guest made a grand entrance by parachuting in

“Oh my god, the parachute guys got them,” said Ross in a video. “Aye, don’t land on my roof.”

According to photos, a few thousand fans as well as celebs bought tickets to Ross’ pool party, but that’s nothing compared to the 7,000 patrons that reportedly attended his second annual car show last month.

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