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‘Jamie Wouldn’t Want Anyone Seeing Him Like That’: Jamie Foxx’s Family Reportedly Won’t Let Anyone See Him Due to His ‘Pretty Fragile’ State Since Being Hospitalized In April 

Jamie Foxx‘s family is continuing to keep quiet regarding his health condition, despite being discharged from the hospital weeks after suffering an undisclosed “medical complication” in April.

The 55-year-old’s health scare has impacted his acting career, resulting in his replacement as co-host of “Beat Shazam,” and a stunt double completing his final scenes in the upcoming movie “Back In Action.”

An insider recently revealed to OK! Magazine that the Foxx family is not allowing anyone to see him amid his recovery.

“Jamie’s family is keeping his condition very quiet,” the source said. “He is still pretty fragile, and his loved ones know Jamie wouldn’t want anyone seeing him like that.”

Foxx has reportedly not been his normal self since his hospitalization. In the midst of filming “Back In Action,” Foxx was rushed to a hospital in Atlanta and reportedly later transported to a treatment facility in Chicago for recovery.

His daughter, Corinne, 29, informed the public that her father was playing “pickleball” around the same time that sources alleged the family was “preparing for the worst.”

But the unknown details about one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors have his fans and friends “worried” and concerned about the nature of his condition.

“No one has gotten real answers on what exactly happened and how Jamie is recovering,” the insider told the outlet. “The lack of information is making some people wonder if the situation is worse than his family is letting on.”

Foxx’s fans have been very vocal on social media in asking questions and attempting to draw conclusions as to why his family is choosing to remain so private. Here’s what a few had to say:

“I think he must have had a stroke. Why not jus say. He is very loved and people do care.”

“Praying for a full speedy recovery.”

“I hope he is okay.”

“I need an update on Jamie Foxx #BlackTwitter I have concerns and need to know he is still with us.”

While Foxx has been silent and hasn’t confirmed any details regarding his health state, several of his fellow acting friends have spoken out, including his co-stars on the Netflix film “They Cloned Tyrone,” Teyonah Parris and John Boyega.

Both attended the movie’s premiere in June, where they spoke with multiple outlets about their dear friend. Parris described Foxx as a “lively person” who “brings such an energy to the set.”

“We would never work, we all just had fun laughing and partying. I wish Jamie all the recovery and healing,” she told “Entertainment Tonight.” He’s just so amazing. It was just such an honor to work with him. He’s so generous as an actor and as a human, along with John.

She added, “I got lucky to be able to work with such dope men on this project, and dope men of color, that it was just so much fun.”

Boyega also expressed that he enjoyed working alongside the Oscar-winning actor. In an interview for “Sway’s Universe,” he revealed that he recently spoke to Foxx, who implied he was doing “well.”

“I spoke to my brother man; he said he’s cool. He said he’s well,” said the British actor at the 5:42 mark of the interview. “Man can only respect his privacy and take his word for it. I’m grateful that he even reached out to me.”

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