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‘You Just Wanna Come Back and Lay Up’: Ray J Says He Had to Stop Partying ‘For Days’ and Start Communicating In Order to Save his Marriage to Princess Love

When it comes to marriage, Ray J knows the hard work it requires. The “One Wish” singer recently explained how he was able to put his best foot forward and save his relationship with his wife Princess Love after years of public and private drama.

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Princess Love and Ray J. (Photo @rayj/Instagram.)

In a new episode of “The Breakfast Club,” Charlemagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Ray J all discussed the work they all had to do in their own respective marriages. 

While Ray J initially responded back, “compromise,” he quickly agreed with DJ Envy’s choice of “communication,” and acknowledged all of the work that entails. 

“If you feel a certain way express yourself about it,” he said. 

Ray J further explained why he wasn’t always the best at communicating. “There’s questions you wanna ask, but can you handle the answer?” 

The 42-year-old said he married his newfound knowledge of the art of compromise with that of communication in order to create a stronger bond with his wife of six years. 

Ray J said he had to learn how to do was spend more quality time with Love outside of their house and make her “my close friend” in addition to being his girl. 

“Dudes wanna hang out with they friends and have the fun.” He continued, “You gotta think your girl or your dude been in the house for days, and you just wanna come back and lay up ’cause you tired?”  

As their interview progressed, Charlamagne also brought up Ray J and Love’s filings for divorce’ that act on Ray J’s part, he said, resulted from stubbornness on his end. 

“Lot of times people are stubborn. I was stubborn. And I think it hurts to think that a lot of times if your ego got in the way and you actually got divorced and you didn’t want to but your pride got in the way, that’s scary,” he said. 

Ray J and Love’s journey has been documented throughout their time on “LHH Hollywood” since 2014. 

When asked about their rollercoaster ride of a relationship, Ray J admitted that seeing his foul behavior on “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” helped him reflect on his actions, and ultimately helped him become a better man.  

“The first few seasons I was terrible. I was embarrassed to be who I am,” he confessed. “I used the show every year to either watch myself do bad or see myself enhance and upgrade.” 

Ray J’s behavior also made for a trending topic each week on social media. In August 2022, Ray J received backlash after expressing disappointment in Love for forming a connection with another guy, despite his numerous infidelities

“You grew a connection with somebody, you like somebody. I’ve never liked nobody; that’s the problem,” he expressed while adding in his personal belief that his cheating with “strippers” and “prostitutes” does not qualify as cheating. 

Though their relationship is far from perfect, Ray J seems today to be set on finally building a healthy bond with his wife.

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