‘He’s Ray’s Twin’: Fans Debate Whether Ray J and Princess Love’s Son Epik Looks More Like Mom or Dad

It seems like Princess Love and Ray J fans are having a debate about the couple’s son, Epik Ray Norwood, and which parent he favors more. 

The “One Wish” singer shared an adorable photo of himself with his mini-me seemingly inside a store wearing matching Amiri Men’s “MA” baseball caps.

In the picture, the 3-year-old held onto his father’s hand while Ray J pointed at the camera, apparently directing his son’s focus.

Ray J’s post sparks debate on who his son, Epik, favors the most (Pictured: @rayj/Instagram)

“Hey .. I know I need some lotion on my hand lol,” the 42-year-old wrote, “BUT LOOK how big my son EPIK is getting!!!”

Ray J continued, “He looks so good!!! I love his lil face!!!!! – had to show you #prouddad #AMIRI #LasVegas”

His photo received likes from more than 61,000 fans, along with over 800 comments. While many mentioned how adorable the toddler appears, a debate sparked in his comment section pertaining to whose genes won between his and Love’s.  

“He is his mother’s twin him sooo handsome”

“Princess whole face”

“Wow I never notice how much he’s Ray’s twin”

“He’s a perfect mix of you & mom”

Ray J and Love welcomed their son back on Dec. 30, 2019. 

Although he is still a baby, Epik seems to be full of personality already. In 2022, he had fans in tears after demanding that his mother stop recording him. 

During the video, Love can be heard behind the camera as she asks her son for a photo. 

“Come here,” she said. 

However, Epik was not in the mood for a picture and let those feelings be known. 

“Stop it,” he said as he faced his mother while putting out a halting hand. 

“Let me take a picture of you,” Love ordered, but Epik continued to ignore his mother’s wishes as he walked down a long hallway and into a room. 

In addition to Epik, Love, and Ray J also share a 4-year-old daughter, Melody Love Norwood, whom they had in 2018.

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