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‘Tryna Weigh In on the Parenthood of Mine’: The Game Responds to Criticism Over ‘Inappropriate’ TikTok Video with His Daughter Cali Dancing to ‘Pound Town’

The Game has responded after critics called him out for making a salacious video with his 12-year-old daughter.

The Los Angeles rapper joined California Dream Taylor and his two sons as they participated in a TikTok video featuring the song “Pound Town” by rising St. Louis rapper Sexxy Red. The track has gone viral over the past few weeks and even garnered a remix featuring Nicki Minaj.

But the song’s raunchy, suggestive lyrics are what fans are mainly objecting to.

“I’m out here in Miami/Lookin’ for the hoochie daddies (where they at?)” mimed Cali in the video as her father stepped forward with a disapproving grin. 

“Where the n—s that get ratchet (where they at?)/My son need a new pappy,” she continued while rubbing her stomach. 

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The video was shared by Hollywood Unlocked on Instagram, where fans in the comment section were critical of the video and song, calling both “inappropriate.”

“That song is not appropriate for her age… is he da parent or the friend?”

“Still weird to do a tik tok to pound town with your child.”

“That song isn’t for kids regardless.”

After following the criticism online, The Game responded by writing, “She my kid. 1/2 y’all kids got snot frozen on the outside of they nose but you tryna weigh in on the parenthood of mine…my kid in private school wearing uniforms making straights A’s.. we good over here.”

In addition to fans’ critical remarks, several came to his defense, noting that this behavior is not unusual for the child of a rapper. A few mentioned other popular songs that many would today deem inappropriate for children to sing along to.

“Her dad is a rapper she’s been listening to music like this all her life.”

“Please stop acting like we wasn’t in school singing ‘my neck my back’ or ‘its getting hot in hurrr so take off all ya clothes’ SAVE IT.”

“PLENTY of parents do tiktok with their kids , he deemed it appropriate for his child.”

Others focused their energy on The Game’s statement. Two critics wrote: “What does private school,a’s and uniform have to do with you being inappropriate,” and “His response doesn’t really correlate to what he’s responding to.”

The “How We Do It” rapper is often speaking up anytime fans criticize his parenting when it comes to his only daughter. Back in April, he shared selfies of himself and his daughter which critics also deemed as inappropriate posing for a father and daughter.

Last December, the 43-year-old defended Cali wearing a silver mini-dress that stopped mid-thigh and cat eye makeup to a Sweet 16 birthday party for Diddy’s twin girls.

Even then, The Game mentioned her good grades in school and the educational background of her mother, Tiffney, whom he spoke with about Cali’s outfit prior to the party.

“Tiffney called me & asked me would it be okay for my daughter to wear the dress in the photo to the twins party… after talking to her thoroughly for over an hour about it, I agreed to let my daughter rock,” he wrote. “The twins had a futuristic bday theme & my baby wanted to look great & be in full confidence going to support her friends celebration. I am her father & her protector and she is & will always be an amazing young woman.”

The Game and Tiffney also have a son, King Justice, 16. The Los Angeles native also has another son, Harlem, 19, from a previous relationship.

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