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‘A Father Showing His Daughter Love Is Weird to Y’all?’: Fans Defend The Game After Critics Suggest New Photos with His Daughter Cali Are Inappropriate

The Game spent his Easter Sunday with his 12-year-old daughter, and fans can’t believe how much the tween resembles her dad.

The “How We Do” rapper seemed like a proud father as he shared a few photos of his daughter, California Dream Taylor, on his Instagram.

The Game and his daughter face criticism for their new photos. (Pictured: @losangelesconfidential/Instagram)

My Easter egg I don’t love anything in the world more than I love my daughter. [photo credit: her father],” he wrote. 

The Game also uploaded three selfies of himself with Cali showing their uncanny resemblance. In the first two photos, fans can see the father-and-daughter duo staring into the camera as they give their best smize.

Their final photo showed the Los Angeles native kissing his baby girl’s cheek while she cupped his chin. 

“We not out here calling each other “Twin” cause it sound kool…. We really do this shhhhh,” he wrote. 

The Game’s pictures, which received over 380,000 likes, were obtained by The Shade Room and re-posted on the site’s Instagram page, where several fans expressed that they couldn’t believe how much Cali favored her father. 

“She’s beautiful his twin for real”

“This is literally the female version of him”

While the majority of the comments were positive, a few critics declared their poses to be inappropriate for a father and daughter. 

“My dad been in my life all my life, we ain’t ever been this close, and we are definitely close lol”

“I do these poses with my man i literally would NEVER with my dad”

Several fans came to the defense of The Game and Cali, stating that their interaction was completely normal.

“A father showing his daughter love is weird to y’all? Jesus help the ppl”

“You can tell y’all daddy was either absent or didn’t show y’all no type of love. This normal af”

“Y’all never had a daddy and it shows. They’re beautiful.”

“It’s ppl going on the game for him & his daughter pictures, but half of y’all ain’t even have dads growing up to even know what a healthy father daughter relationship is.”

Though The Game has not addressed the photos that sparked some controversial comments, he previously has spoken out about people who criticized his daughter’s ensemble at Diddy’s twin daughters’ sweet 16 party last December. 

After Cali was seen gorgeously rocking a silver mini-dress with a fluffy white coat and a soft-glam makeup look, fans suggested that she looked older than 12 years old and felt as if The Game should have been more strict on her chosen apparel.  

However, the 43-year-old defended Cali’s outfit while praising her for being a straight-A student. 

The Game shares his daughter with his ex-fiancée, Tiffany Cambridge. The former couple also has a 15-year-old son, King Justice Taylor, together. He also has an older son, Harlem Caron Taylor, who was born in 2003.

What people are saying

12 thoughts on “‘A Father Showing His Daughter Love Is Weird to Y’all?’: Fans Defend The Game After Critics Suggest New Photos with His Daughter Cali Are Inappropriate

  1. Cox says:

    At least he is being a FATHER to his daughter and not a Dad(donated a D*ck)for you that don’t know what dad stands for

  2. If only more Father’s had a relationship with their Dad’s itmakes me sad someone would think of this in any form of a loving father. People are just nasty or jealous. I wish my daughter has a relationship with her father like this.

  3. Byron Aught says:

    That’s Man Daughter..His Daughters First L

  4. Roslyn Shillingford says:

    Like omg are you serious I was

  5. Ppl are really weird and continously look for things to bash. I have 4 beautiful daughters from 2 marriages and my daughters 38, 36, 34 and 21 still have this closeness with their Dad’s…..It’s called “Daddy’s Girls”!!! Seek help sickos!!!! Kudos to you Game for not only being in your daughter’s life but loving your Babygirl and making her comfortable enough to show each other love.

  6. Gee masson says:

    It’s probably some dirty minded person who thinks that that picture is inappropriate. There’s nothing wrong with the father and a daughter having fun time. I’m pretty sure her dad did not know how she was going to act in pose on those pictures but they were having fun they were showing and they were being dad and daughter. Anyway you don’t see that everyday and I don’t think he is that kind of a man and so I’m glad to see he’s proud of his daughter and let her be a little girl long as she can cuz that’s all…. that she just being a little girl. Anyway kudos to you Jayceon. I like it..

  7. Leanetta Lattier says:

    Go ahead “BigG”! Bthat Dad! I’m more proud of you than ever!! Looks like you have your SOUL in tact, Thank God!!!

  8. LiLi says:

    Y’all have some sick minds
    This man Loves his daughter like a father should

  9. Denise says:

    It’s a gift to have a dedicated father in a young girls life ,give affection , it builds respect and will allow her to never settle for less, she will know what its like to have a parent who thinks she is special.Fir all the negative insight’s stop looking fir something thst is not there.

  10. CJack says:

    Those fans are sick and their minds are in the gutter!
    Not a damn thing wrong with this affection between a father and his precious daughter!

  11. Annette says:

    It’s gud 2 have luv 4 your kidz,,some children’s don’t even have there father in there life 2 show luv,,stop think

  12. Richard Mosley says:

    My oldest daughter is 41and she’s a daddy’s girl and there’s no shame in her game when she shows me affection. Real dads don’t see thier daughters in a weird way only weird dads do. The greater the conflict of growing up the more they celebrate being with their father. He that is pure to him all things are pure but he who is corrupt all things are corrupt.

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