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‘Not Everything Is Perfect’: Reginae Carter Reveals She Started Therapy Following Her Recent Split from Ar’mon Warren, Says She Regrets Their Public Spat on Twitter

Reginae Carter has finally decided to address the drama and the rumors involving her on-again/off-again boyfriend, Ar’mon Warren

Both influencers have made numerous headlines after blasting their relationship issues on social media, after Carter accused her then-beau of “love bombing” her on Twitter. 

Her tweet provoked Warren to respond, saying that he had “lost all respect” for her. 

A few days following their public debacle, Warren shared more about their situation on his YouTube channel, and denied that he cheated on Carter.

Now it looks like Carter has some things she’d like to get off her chest. 

Reginae Carter addresses her split from Ar’mon Warren in her new YouTube video. (Pictured: Reginae Carter/YouTube)

The 24-year-old fashionista gave her fans a 21-minute “Life Update” in a newly released YouTube video on her channel. 

Within the first three minutes, Carter began discussing her and Warren’s relationship, noting that their love was deeper than what fans saw through social media updates. 

“It was real,” she said. “And it’s still real. I feel like when you have feelings for someone it doesn’t just go away like that. But I want everyone to know that what you don’t see online doesn’t mean that it’s not happening.” 

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Carter also shared that while she and Warren are currently on different paths, their time spent together was one that she’ll never forget.

“I had a great time with Ar’mon,” she expressed. “I loved experiencing him. I loved just being in his space, and I feel like he loved, I mean he felt the same way.”

While some of their fans believe the chance of her reuniting with Warren is slim to none, Carter suggested that there might be hope, but no one can predict the future.

“Not everything is perfect, you don’t know, people can work things out.” She continued, “You just never know and I just feel like we’re young and we have so many eyes on us.”

As her video progressed, the I FIT IN founder took responsibility for the part she played during their Twitter spat, and admitted that she regrets the entire thing. 

“I hate that I did the whole tweeting thing, I hate he did the whole tweeting thing,” she said, before reiterating, “We’re young, we all tweet in this mother f—-r.” 

She added, “Don’t act like y’all don’t, and it’s just what it is. I hate that it like had to happen like that.” 

Carter then vulnerably shared that she’s currently in therapy, which she seems excited about and compared to having a “diary.”

“It’s great to hear a listening ear and someone that’s telling you certain things where they don’t know you,” she said. “It’s great to have that outside, you know, umm opinion and just hearing somebody tell you something that they see with you just sitting on their couch and for a couple sessions.” 

Carter’s video ended on a high note, with her urging her followers to become more self-aware and go out to enjoy the world, rather than scrolling on their cellphones.

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