‘Always Fact Check Before Running to Social Media’: Reginae Carter and Boyfriend Armon Warren Hit Back at Abuse Claims After Rumors Suggest He Injured Her Hand

Reginae Carter and her boyfriend, Armon Warren, have shut down any speculation that their relationship is abusive after rumors sparked outrage on social media.

Carter, 24, and Warren, 25, have been together since last year. Though their romance is still fairly new, they have already gone to bat against critics and those spreading false information about their bond. Case in point, on April 7, both took to Twitter to call out a damning report shared on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.”

In a clip of the “Fix It Jesus” segment, Toine The Don mentioned that fans had begun to speculate about the “real” cause of Carter’s recent hand injury. For context, he played a snippet of the actress talking about her injury during a TikTok Live after fans suggested Warren had abused her. 

Reginae Carter and Armon Warrent. Photo: Itsreginaecarter/Instagram. Rickey Smiley. Photo: Rickeysmileyofficial/Instagram

She explained that while on the set of her new movie, “Boxed In 2,” she “fell the wrong way,” leaving her with a minor injury. “Let me tell you something, one thing I don’t play about is abuse. My man don’t ever put his hands on me. So don’t you ever make that wild statement up,” she continued.

Fans and the two lovebirds were in an uproar over the hot topic and rumors of alleged abuse before the afternoon was in full swing. Warren addressed the matter first, noting that he had been informed of the remarks by someone he knew.

“Can y’all not put a narrative on me that I hit or abuse my girlfriend,” he tweeted. “It is completely false. The fact it’s a radio staton is crazy…Abuse isn’t something you just casually throw around on a young black man name…To Bash Me On A Country Wide Radio Station WITH FALSE info is crazy. That is defamation of character weirdo a— n—ga man.”

Next up was the former “Growing Up Hip Hop” cast member. Having lived under the limelight as the daughter of Lil Wayne, Carter said she knows firsthand how damaging accusations of any sort can be for people and their relationships. “I’m so drained with the internet tbh,” began her tweet.

“Ive’ grown up in this industry and watched it mess up so many friendships and relationships over lies and bulls—t! Two young people in love, getting to their money, and minding their burins ruffle too many old mfs feathers…Seek help d—n! One thing I don’t play about is defaming someone’s character. Esp people who I love,” she continued.

Perplexed fans seemed taken aback by the outrage, with many asking for proof that the comedian had done something wrong. “I hope that is not true. Has Rickey Smiley ever made an accusation like that before?” asked one person.

Another comment read, “I need to hear the clip before I make an assumption.” Several others who claimed to have listened to the show live said Smiley never said anything disparaging.

As the topic heated up on social media, “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” opted to clear the smoke by dropping receipts in the form of an audio clip.

“Well, yeah, you set the record straight. You know, somebody satting up there just making accusations of her boyfriend That’s crazy,” was Smiley’s only remark about the ordeal. Toine shared a similar sentiment before the conversation pivoted to Carter’s impressive acting chops.

Fans weighing in on the misunderstanding wrote:

“Keep that same energy for the apology that is now due!!!!”

“Always fact check before running to social media. Now let that man grieve.”

“I didn’t wanna speak too soon but I kinda knew Ricky didn’t say anything disrespectful he’s not even like that. Rickey is truly a Southern hospitality at its finest. I knew somebody was lying.”

In a final tweet, the burgeoning businesswoman cleared up any misconceptions that she was specifically taking aim at Smiley. She wrote, “I will never disrespect @rickeysmiley! I was not talking about him! I grew up with is kids! I’m talking about fans that are making things up!”

At this point, it seems all parties are ready to put the misunderstanding behind them.

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