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‘Good Knees Must Be a Houston Thing’: Kelly Rowland’s Performance In London Sparks Comparisons to Beyoncé

Kelly Rowland had all eyes on her when she headlined the Mighty Hoopla music festival in London. Clips of the jaw-dropping performance surfaced online, proving that the entertainer has not missed a beat when it comes to putting on a show.

Dressed in a black, skin-tight cat suit, Rowland, 42, reminded everyone during the June 3 event that she has always been a star — especially those who have compared her to Beyoncé throughout their careers.

Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé (Photos: @kellyrowland/Instagram; @beyoncé/Instagram

“Now we see Beyoncé get her moves from Kelly is the ONE,” wrote one fan. Another person reignited a years’-old debate about the two women when responding with, “Girl what? you sound slow asf Kelly got it from Beyoncé she always followed Beyoncé.”

The childhood friends have shared a lifetime together since their days as members of the girl group Girls Tyme, which later transformed to Destiny’s Child.

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In the past, Rowland admitted to feeling the weight of people pitting her against the 32-time Grammy Award winner.

“I would be lying if I said, ‘No, it’s never bothered me.’ That’s bull,” she admitted in 2020, while mentoring a singer on “The Voice Australia.” “There was a whole decade, if I am being completely honest, a decade where it was like the elephant in the room. It was the thing that would constantly be on my shoulder.”

In 2013, the “Talk a Good Game” artist opened up in a major way about those challenges on her record “Dirty Laundry.” In the song, she sings:

“When my sister was on stage killing it like a motherf—ker/ I was enraged, feeling it like a motherf—ker/ Bird in a cage you would never know what I was dealing with/ Went our separate ways but I was happy that she was killing it/ Bittersweet she was up and I was down/ No lie, I feel good for her but what do I do now?”

The “Bad Hair” actress later divulged that Beyoncé’s reaction to the song included the megastar reassuring her that their friendship had always been intact, despite Rowland’s inner turmoil.

Last year, while promoting her film “Fantasy Football,” Rowland hit back at the narrative that she had been playing second fiddle to her best friend.

“Here’s the thing, light attracts light. I am light. So, I am a beautiful brown shining light. So, I don’t think anybody’s light dims anyone else’s,” she told Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg. “I think that when other people start to compare you, I think that’s when it shows how dim they are themselves.”

Others, however, were blown away by the two-time author’s moves and overall youthful appearance. “Good knees must be a houston thing,” wrote a user, who was impressed by dance moves of Rowland squatting, jumping and twerking while on stage.

Another person remarked, “42, but giving 22. When health is wealth.” And original Destiny’s Child bandmate LeToya Luckett commented, “No crumbs left.” A fourth person jokingly wrote, “Her husband prolly called and asked what she want for Christmas and its just June.”

Video clips circulating online show Rowland’s “sister,” Beyoncé, who was in London wrapping up her five nights of performing at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for the Renaissance World Tour. The global icon shouted out Rowland, who is dancing in the audience, during her June 4 performance.

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