‘Don’t Do That’: Kelly Rowland Issues Classy Response After Being Asked About ‘Playing Second to Beyoncé’

Kelly Rowland’s a shining star whose light will not be dimmed by comparison as seen in her latest interview. 

Rowland decided to stop by Hot 97 radio alongside actress Marsai Martin to discuss their upcoming movie “Fantasy Football,” which is scheduled to premiere on Paramount+ on Nov. 25. 

(L-R) Marsai Martin, Kelly Rowland (Screen Shot of Hot 97 Interview off YouTube)

As the interview reached the 13-minute mark, interviewer Peter Rosenberg inquired how the former Destiny’s Child member was able to take her position seriously without feelings of comparison arising as she sang beside Beyoncé

Rowland answered, “Here’s the thing, light attracts light. I am light. So, I am a beautiful brown shining light. So, I don’t think anybody’s light dims anyone else’s. I think that when other people start to compare you, I think that’s when it shows how dim they are themselves.”

She continued, “I love Bey, I know that she’s a light. But, I know that I’m a light too.” 

Noting that there is enough room in the industry for all women of color to shine together, Rowland carried on in pointing the great things Beyoncé has done as well as sharing about her own accomplishments. 

“My sister has knocked down doors and made positions for so many women that look like her, that are deeper shade than her, that are brighter or whatever, but specifically for black women and put black women in other places that you know we are grateful for,”

“But also somebody else did that for her, and another group did that for us and I do it for other brown girls.” 

Many individuals rallied behind Rowland after the clip made its rounds on different social media platforms, particularly Twitter. 

“Kelly called him out to his face & he still didn’t get it. Even Marsai Martin caught it. Outside of Destiny’s Child, Thee Kelly Rowland is an international superstar, actress, author & businesswoman! She’s been in this industry 25+ years & in 2022 you’re still comparing?” 

“What’s crazy about this is, Kelly Rowland is one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world. And she’s literally one big acting role away from being a big star in the acting world. Kelly has to have her team give them the questions from now on.” 

Even comedian Loni Love entered the chat in an Instagram post where she expressed disappointment in the Hot 97 interview. 

“Y’all this is why I think about getting back into interviews.. no woman should have to deal with this type of question… who raised you?!?! Shout out to @kellyrowland .. always a class act and knows who she is!!!”

Rosenberg has yet to respond to the recent backlash, but it’s fair to say while Beyoncé may be considered the, “biggest star in the world,” Rowland has definitely made a name for herself and continues to break down barriers for brown skin women.

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