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‘She Can Match Energy’: Angela Simmons Surprises Yo Gotti with a Tesla for His Birthday Following Claims That the Rapper Paid for Her Luxurious Shopping Spree

Angela Simmons’ birthday gift to her beau, Yo Gotti, may have just awarded her with the title of best girlfriend ever. 

Although Gotti’s actual birthday isn’t until May 19, the rap mogul decided to celebrate a few days early with a luxurious party at what appeared to be a beach house. 

The all-black affair was documented by several individuals who were in attendance and connected to the CMG record label founder by blood, work, or friendship. 

Angela Simmons and Yo Gotti celebrate his birthday. (Photo: @cmg.kaylaaaa/Instagram)

Due to the vast number of videos hitting the web, it wasn’t long before fans received a clear view of the expensive birthday gift Simmons, 35, surprised Gotti with. 

In a video shared by an unknown user, observers can see the couple surrounded by paparazzi and attendees as they walk up to a black Tesla car. Simmons – who instantly stood out because of her champagne spaghetti-strapped dress – guided Gotti to his new sedan and then quickly placed herself in the passenger seat. 

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Gotti’s artist GloRilla, who is known for her 2022 summer hit “FNF,” can be heard in the background of the recording applauding Simmons for gifting her boss a lavish present.

Baller Alert shared the same video on its Instagram page, where several fans commended the Pastry Shoes co-owner for spoiling her man amid claims that he’s the only one who is constantly spoiling her

One person wrote, “Angela said…My man my man my man,” which referenced a viral video of “City Girls” rapper Yung Miami imitating her friend, rapper Saucy Santana, for always bragging about how much her man does for him. 

Another comment read,  “…cuz he gone trick and she gone trick but HE gone trick bigger,” which is a quote from rapper Lady London’s freestyle titled, “Pop Ya S–.” During the song, she boasted about dealing with a wealthy man. 

A few other comments suggested that once a woman is in a healthy and loving relationship, she will go above and beyond for her partner. 

“When you’re loved properly it makes you wanna spoil your man. I think he is he’ll grateful she did this for him.” 

“When she can match energy.” 

Gotti shared more footage from his pre-birthday celebration in an Instagram video. In the caption, he thanked his family and friends for coming to support him and his lady for the lavish gift.

“P.s I kept telling Shawty I want a Tesla on some everyday type Sh!t but I heard it takes too long to order, So She Popped Up With One I Respect ur Gangsta.”

Just a few weeks ago, Simmons enjoyed an opulent shopping spree at a Maison Goyard store. However, her photos of the extravagant excursion led to a heated debate after a few fans deemed the 41-year-old as the financial provider for her expensive retail therapy session. 

The speculation caused some fans to remind people of Simmons’ successful business ventures that were made before she and Gotti publicly confirmed their relationship in early January

Before popping out as a couple, Gotti and Simmons were spotted on numerous romantic getaways to destinations such as Dubai and Paris, France. 

After the two were repeatedly captured together, many individuals began calling the Memphis native “the king of manifestation,” for he expressed having “a crush” on Simmons back in his 2016 rap song, “Down In the DM.”

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