‘That Face Was Looking Crazy’: Blac Chyna Reacts to Old Photos of Herself Since Removing Her Face Fillers Months Ago

Angela White, whose alias is Blac Chyna, celebrated her 35th birthday last week, and, like many on their annual birthday, she’s reflecting on some of her past decisions.

In recent months, the former video vixen has removed a demonic tattoo, her butt and breast implants, and her facial fillers. 

In an Instagram upload, White shared three photos of herself, showing fans her plump cheeks, enhanced voluminous lips, and chiseled jawline. 

Blac Chyna posts comparison shots of her face with and without face fillers. (Photo: @blacchyna/Instagram)

Chyna’s fourth slide consisted of a current video where she reflected on her appearance.

“Yo, why I was looking at old pictures, you guys, that face was looking crazy. Like that first picture, that was like a few months before I, like, took out all the filler.” 

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The mother of two then zoomed her camera in on her newly fleshed-out cheeks, proudly stating, “I look so much better.”

She then showed off her pearly whites and deflated lips while singing, “Ladies, that ain’t the wave.”

As her video came to a close, Chyna urged viewers to stay away from cosmetic surgery and injections, pleading, “Please don’t even do the fillers. Like, it’s not even worth it. It is not worth it.”

Her video currently has over 147,000 likes, with over 3,700 comments filled with fans praising her transformation. 

“Now you look young and fresh I can see the joy shining through you.”

“We tried to tell you sis but you would cuss us out.”

“Now don’t ever touch that beautiful face again!”

“You’re literally SO beautiful.  I’m so sorry it took you so long to realize what you had naturally but I’m glad you did. You’re gorgeous.” 

Over the past few months, Chyna has undergone major modifications since reversing her plastic surgery. Most have been publicly documented and shared across her various social media platforms. 

In an interview with ABC’s “IMPACT x Nightline,” the ex-girlfriend of Rob Kardashian and rapper Tyga described losing sight of who she was while becoming one of the main blueprints for women’s bodies.  

“Because you get so sucked into like the entertainment industry and everybody calling you Chyna, Chi Chi, Blac Chyna, this that. You kind of like lose yourself,” she shared. 

Since the start of 2023, the former reality star has removed a two-liter Coke bottle worth of butt implants and deactivated Her OnlyFans account.

She also recently mended her tumultuous relationship with her mother, Tokyo Toni, just as Mother’s Day approached. The 50-something-year-old surprised her daughter and permanently inked “Angela” across her chest as a birthday gift, according to a viral video on social media.

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