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‘Dayum She Did Alla That???’: Romeo Miller Reveals How His New Boo Caught His Attention

Romeo Miller surprised his fans when he shared that he’s dating someone, and revealed on Friday, Nov. 27, who that someone is: his new girlfriend Drew Sangster.

The “Growing Up Hip Hop” star also expressed how the relationship came as a surprise to him as well.

Romeo Miller and girlfriend Drew Sangster Photo: @romeomiller/Instagram

On the Wednesday, Dec. 2 episode of “The Mix,” Miller, 31, revealed that after months of Sangster reaching out to him and prayers to God, he accepted an invitation from her to attend Thanksgiving. 

“I had a good Thanksgiving myself. I’m feeling very thankful,” he teased his co-hosts as they inquired about his new boo.

Miller continued, “Manifestation baby! Y’all better accept them holiday invites. That’s all I’m saying!”

“I’ve been single single for like four years and I told God, ‘No matter how good I think someone is, I’ll let Him reveal who He knows is good for me.’ My prayers always consist of clear signs,” the “Back On” rapper explained. “Since I’m so aggressive, that Leo in me, I knew I had to be still and observant.”

Miller went on to say that he was seeking a woman who “would go out on a limb” to make it known that she’s in pursuit of him.

“We’ve been cool for a long time,” he said of his now girlfriend. “But after sending me a book to read each month during the pandemic, a handwritten letter of 138 reasons why I’m happy I simply met you and that Thanksgiving invite, I think that was pretty clear that was my sign.”

The “Honey” star added, “The thing I liked most is that it wasn’t planned. I mean I guess the best things happened in life they just happened.”

Miller then made it clear that he doesn’t plan to discuss more details about their relationship.

“Growing up in this industry I’ve always learned the importance and the balance of having privacy, especially when it comes to dating,” he said.

He then addressed “The Mix” co-hosts and joked, “I know y’all my family, but that’s all y’all get!” 

Many fans were happy for Miller to be dating again following his past rumored romance with his “GUHH” castmate Angela Simmons.

“I’m genuinely happy for him! He looks happy & took his time go head Romeo 😌,” one person said.

“❤️ love how he mentions God.”

“Aw he finally got over Angela😭.”

Other fans questioned why Miller’s new girlfriend put in so much effort to be with him.

“Yeah, I’m not doing all that 🚮😂.”

“Dayum she did alla that???”

“The book thing…Good idea. Them 138 reasons? Shawty was plotting plotting 🤔.”

In Miller’s debut post of Sangster, he showed them holding hands and cuddled up on a porch.

“Thankful I accepted that Thanksgiving invite, I could get use to this @drewsangster. Yesterday was a good day. 🙏🏾😎✈️. #cuffingseason,” he wrote.

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