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‘Let’s Talk About What You Did to Andre Sis’: Erykah Badu Shares Post About Today’s Men Wanting to be ‘Chased,’ Fans Bring Up Her Past with André 3000

Erykah Badu fans have taken a trip down memory lane after her divisive post about dating sparked an online debate.

It all began on May 8 when the singer posted a meme that read, “This generation of men want be chased so bad, I’m not doin it lil mama,” to her Instagram Story. She followed up with a throwback video of her “For the D” verse, followed by a slew of other relationship-oriented posts.

Erykah Badu shares meme on Instagram about the dating climate. (Photo: @Erykahbadu/Instagram)

Badu, 52, did not offer any context on what inspired the lengthy thread. But those who viewed the post were still quick to argue why they agreed or disagreed with the message. Meanwhile, others were more interested in taking aim at the fashion muse’s dating past.

“Sooo basically you and that young head broke up,” wrote one person.

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In late 2021, Badu made things official on Instagram with musician JaRon Adkison, 27. She shared a photo of the pair that ignited rumors that a wedding was impending after fans noticed a certain piece of jewelry on her left ring finger. But just as quietly as their coupling started, so did its apparent demise sometime in 2022.

A second individual commented, “Let’s talk about what you did to Andre sis cause he’s not he same anymore.”

The R&B vocalist and André 3000 were together for about a year in 1996. They share a son, Seven Sirius Benjamin, 25. The exact reason the two have parted ways remains unknown, but Badu maintains that infidelity was not the cause.

She has since shared that she and the rapper, often referred to as Three Stacks, have become the best of friends, offering each other guidance in life. He even made a rare music cameo on her 2015 song “Hello.”

“He’s one of my best friends on the planet. I care for him so very much, about his livelihood, his art, his feelings,” she told Rolling Stone in 2020. “We laugh all the time, talk about things. It’s brother and sister, it’s grandmother and grandson, it’s father and daughter. It’s so many different things, depending on what the situation calls for.”

Another male commenter hit back at the meme, suggesting that Badu was not prize material because she has three children with different rappers. She also shares a daughter Puma Curry, 18, with The D.O.C. and another daughter, Mars Merkaba Thedford, 14, with Jay Electronica.

Badu’s love life often piques the curiosity of others, with many questioning what it is about the singer that mesmerizes some of music’s heavy hitters. In her own words, she told Tamron Hall that her magic is “indescribable, and the bedroom, that’s not where you’re going to find it, because my, my magic doesn’t lie between my thighs, it lies between my ears.”

As for marriage, the mom of three does not see the traditional pairing of partners as her reality.

“It doesn’t fit everybody. It doesn’t fit me,” she said in an interview with “The Breakfast Club” in February. At least for now, it appears as though she is solely focused on her art.

Badu’s “Unfollow Me“ tour kicks off on June 11 in San Antonio, Texas. There is no word currently on when she plans to release her next album. 

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