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Fans Think Erykah Badu Is Engaged to Her 27-Year-Old Boo After She Posts This

Erykah Badu sparked engagement rumors on Dec. 4, after sharing an Instagram upload with her alleged 27-year-old fiancé, JaRon Adkison.

In the social media post, Badu uploaded various snapshots of the pair during the solar eclipse, which happened the same day. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the Earth and the sun, ultimately casting a shadow over the Earth. The eclipse can last up to seven-and-a-half minutes.

Erykah Badu ignites engagement rumors after posting an Instagram upload that included a photo of the singer and her alleged fiancé, JaRon Adkison, wearing rings. Photo:@erykahbadu/Instagram

One of the shared images that the 50-year-old posted included a photo that showcased the pairs’ hands with what appears to be custom pieces of jewelry on their ring fingers. Although Badu didn’t confirm or deny her engagement to Adkison, she did, however, pen a sweet message to her “guy.”

She wrote, “Solar Eclipse Dump. Making room for many many many more memories. Right now, Moon covers the sun’s eyes, forcing it to use other forms of vision. (Closes Eyes) I see you with my heart. I see you with my gut. Here’s to my GUY & Setting intentions, Breathing easy, moving in unison, finely blended family harmonics.”

The “Next Lifetime” vocalist wrapped up the caption by expressing how happy she was “to be here on this school called earth” with Adkison. As fans began to view Badu’s post, many congratulated the star on her alleged engagement.

Erykah Badu and JaRon Adkison Photo:@erykahbadu/Instagram


“Aww yall’s engagement rings are cute!!! Congratulations!!!”

“He’s a very lucky guy, CONGRATULATIONS.”

“Beautiful Ring Sis!”

“CONGRATULATIONS Sis it’s nothing like love. We all need healthy energy/ vibes, so glad you got yours.”

In addition to the well-wishes, other people defended the flak Badu was receiving regarding the 23-year age difference between her and Adkison. One wrote, “Y’all do too much. Like the picture and keep it moving. E don’t owe y’all no damn explanations.”

Another said, “I will never understand how ppl are so opinionated in other ppl lives … You came on E’s page like she actually gives a f–k about your opinion… She’s happy, keep that negative s–t to yourself and go heal yourself.”

Prior to Badu’s alleged engagement, the singer was formerly with OutKast’s Andre Benjamin, also known as Andre 3000, Common, Tracy “The D.O.C.” Curry, Jay Electronica and Carl Jones. No additional details have been released about an alleged engagement between Badu and Adkison.

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