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‘I See Why Andre, Common, Jay Elec, and DOC Were All Mesmerized’: Erykah Badu Gives the Secret to Making Men Fall In Love with Her

Erykah Badu joined Tamron Hall on Hall’s daytime TV show on Wednesday, Feb. 15, where she discussed her Vogue March 2023 cover. As the interview continued, Badu gave Hall and viewers insight into the “urban legend” surrounding Badu’s unforgettable presence.

The Neo-Soul artist debunked the notion that she pulls people in due to her acts in the bedroom and noted that people are drawn to her because of her mentality. 

Erykah Badu
Erykah Badu. (Photo: @Erykah Badu/Instagram)

At the mark 3:57 Badu confessed, “My powers? I think it’s indescribable, and the bedroom, that’s not where you’re going to find it because my, my magic doesn’t lie between my thighs, it lies between my ears.” 

Badu’s confident response received endless applause from the audience, who seemed rather enchanted by the 51-year-old’s presence. It can be inferred that Badu wasn’t lying about her magical presence because every answer she gave Hall resulted in an overwhelming amount of praise from the crowd. 

Many fans were fascinated by the way Badu carried herself throughout the interview, noting that they understand why she says people are naturally intrigued by her.

“I love me some Erykah! Her energy and the way she carries herself is unmatched and inspiring”

“This woman is so amazing… it’s beyond words. Erykah just exudes love and light. Her passion for people is amazing as well. Such a gifted and talented soul. Blessing to you Ms. Badu”

“I see why Andre, Common, Jay Elec, and DOC were all mesmerized by her lol”

Since breaking out into the industry, Badu has been in a few public relationships with rappers in Hollywood. When she first came onto the scene, Badu embarked on a romantic journey with Outkast lyricist Andre 3000.

The two began dating in 1996 and share one son together, 25-year-old Seven Sirius Benjamin. 

In her interview with Hall, Badu discussed becoming pregnant with Seven just as she approached the height of her career. During this time, Badu faced criticism surrounding her ability to stay relevant.

“I don’t know this life, you know of being an entertainer without being a mother, it’s all one thing,” she tells Hall.

As we all can see, Badu was able to maintain her relevancy and still be a mom, she even released her second album, “Live” on November 18, 1997; the exact same day her oldest child was born. 

Badu and Andre 3000 later ended things, and the “On & On” singer found herself in a two-year relationship with rapper Common. Many seem to believe Badu put a spell on Common, who has been recently linked to EGOT winner Jennifer Hudson, for he has not been able to settle down since their split in 2002. 

In 2003, Badu began dating rapper The D.O.C. and they went on to have a daughter together, 18-year-old Puma Curry. Despite their breakup, Badu and Curry appear to still have a healthy platonic relationship. 

Out of all of her public relationships, the longest-standing romance she had was with rapper Jay Electronica. They dated from 2005 until 2009 and have one child together, a 14-year-old daughter, Mars Thedford. 

Badu also had a quick romance with Carl Jones in 2013. As of now, Badu claims to be single despite rumors that she’s dating someone younger than her.

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