‘Mamma Dee Somewhere Crying’: Shay Johnson’s Family Portrait Reveals the Father of Her Daughter, and It’s Not Lil Scrappy or King Yahweh Despite Fans’ Theories

It looks like Shay Johnson has finally revealed her child’s father to the world. 

The 39-year-old, who kept her pregnancy quiet up until the third trimester, has maintained a tight lip surrounding who fathered her now soon-to-be 1-year-old daughter, Shajiyah. 

Shay Johnson reveals the father of her child in a new Instagram photo. (Pictured: @iamshayjohnson/Instagram)

In a 2022 interview, Johnson confessed that she was “protective” of the father’s identity because “he doesn’t do the television thing too much.”

While her silence on this personal matter was out of protection for her beau, it prompted several individuals to take matters into their own hands in an attempt to figure out the prospect for themselves.  

First, rumors began swirling that Johnson’s ex-boyfriend, Lil Scrappy, was the secret dad to her daughter. Then, a few fans theorized that the public figure King Yahweh was a possible candidate. Nevertheless, Johnson has put the rumors to bed once and for all after sharing a series of images on her Instagram feed. 

In the professionally taken photos, the “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” star can be seen seated in a yellow gown as she held hands with a darker-skinned man wearing braids who sat next to her. The mystery man is captured wearing an all-black ensemble to match his daughter, who also wore a black dress as she sat on John Doe’s lap. 

“@iamshajiyah and her dad  My Love!!! No more rumors!!! #Daddy #Mines #Family #NewBeginnings It’s Just Us Now,” Johnson wrote in her caption.

Her post received over 155,000 likes with over 4,333 comments filled with congratulatory messages from fans. It wasn’t long before The Shade Room shared a snapshot of Johnson’s reveal and re-posted it to their page. 

While fans penned up their own theories as to why Johnson finally decided to show off her family of three, a few commentators brought up Lil Scrappy’s mother, Momma Dee, suggesting that she should’ve been included.

“Should’ve put Mama Dee in the family photo”

“Ok that’s still momma Dee grandbaby”

“Just missing mama dee”

“Mamma dee somewhere crying lol”

From the looks of numerous social media photos and videos, Momma Dee has played a huge role in Johnson and Shajiyah’s lives. In addition to attending the former “Flavor of Love” contestant’s gender reveal, Momma Dee also deemed herself as Shajiyah’s “grand-godmother.” 

The “LHH” OG received criticism in the past for her close relationship with Johnson, especially since her son married his on-again/off-again girlfriend, Adizia “Bambi” Benson. 

Last year, Momma Dee’s messy side was uncovered by fans after she was caught telling another “LHH: MIA” star, Bobby Lytes, that she wished Johnson would have married her son instead.

Currently, it appears as if Benson and Lil Scrappy’s marriage is on the rocks, but it doesn’t look like Johnson has any intentions of spinning the block back to her ex.

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