‘I Thought Him and Princess Was Together Again’: Ray J Fans Are Confused After Comedian Funny Marco Attempts to Hook Him Up on a Dating Show

Ray J made sure to choose his words carefully after he accidentally joined comedian Funny Marco’s dating show.

Marco, who is best known for his viral online pranks, decided to play matchmaker on Instagram Live earlier this week, and the “One Wish” artist somehow found himself joining the process.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 03: Ray J arrives at LaTocha Scott-Bivens private listening session at Dragonfly Hollywood on March 03, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Andrew J Cunningham/Getty Images)
Ray J arrives at LaTocha Scott-Bivens private listening session at Dragonfly Hollywood on March 03, 2023 in Hollywood, Calif. (Photo by Andrew J Cunningham/Getty Images)

In a viral clip from the Live, Marco can be seen speaking with a woman when Ray J’s camera popped in on the conversation. In the video, he can be seen wearing a white t-shirt with a white durag wrapped around his head. 

The actor’s eyes widened with confusion once he realized what he had tuned into, “I was f—–g with the thing typing and then I just hit enter,” he explained. 

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It appears that Marco misunderstood Ray J’s comment, because he carried on with his initial plan to find the woman a potential suitor, and apparently the R&B singer seemed like the perfect choice. 

“OK, can you tell us what you do, Ray, for a living?” the social media influencer demanded. 

The “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star’s excited expression quickly transformed into scrunched eyebrows as he broke down the reasoning for his abrupt appearance.

“I’m happy to be here, but this a accident,” he said.

Once again, Marco ignored Ray’s statement, reiterating his previous question concerning his job. “Ray, can you tell us what you do for a living, Ray,” Marco asked.

“Me? I’m a daddy,” Ray J finally answered. 

A seemingly displeased Marco then asked the triple-platinum artist to discuss his occupation outside of his children. “OK, besides that,” the comedian shared. “What do you do?” 

Ray J quickly changed positions of his camera and explained to his pal that his only job consists of being a full-time father. “Marc, that’s all – that’s all there is,” Ray J added. 

After hearing about his occupation, Marco’s client quickly rejected the content creator’s attempt at matching her up with the father of two. She said, “Marco, I don’t want no man with no kids.”

However, Marco continued standing ten toes behind his process, denying Ray J’s claim of having children. “He don’t got kids,” Marco joked. “No he don’t! No he don’t.” 

Not feeding into his lies, Ray continued to tell Marco’s contestant that he has two kids who are “walking around” his house as he was recording.

Before he could finish his sentence, Marco removed the entrepreneur from the Live, thus ending the segment and participation.

The funny clip of their interaction was shared on 9MagTV’s YouTube page, where several fans in the comments brought up Ray’s wife, Princess Love, and questioned the status of their relationship. 

“I thought him and princess was together again”

“Princess must be happy now!”

Ray J and Love’s rollercoaster ride of a relationship has played out in front of audiences for nearly eight years since their first appearance on VH1’s “LHH.” After dating on and off for three years, they decided to exchange vows in August 2016.

However, their marriage has been anything but a walk in the park. Since saying their “I do’s,” the couple has faced heavy roadblocks such as accusations of infidelity, intense arguments, divorce filings, and more since then. 

Nonetheless, it seems as if they were able to find their way back to each other and are now in a good place as they continue to parent their two children together; a 4-year-old daughter Melody Love and a 3-year-old son Epik Ray Norwood.

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