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‘Russell Wilson Every Week Has a Different Wife’: Ciara Ditches Her Signature Blond Hair for a Magical New Look, and Fans Say Her Husband Russell Approves

Ciara is no stranger to trying new things with her hair.

The singer has rocked everything from a bob to faux locs to cornrows to wigs, and she also doesn’t mind switching up the color. Most people know Ciara to either wear jet black hair or blond-highlighted tresses. But to debut her new song with Jackson Wang called “Slow,” the Grammy Award-winning artist is trying out something a little more fun.

Ciara striking a cute pose in her unicorn tresses (Photo: Instagram/@ciara)

On April 18, she posted a series of photos of her posing upclose wearing a top, necklaces and several bracelets on her wrist. But the star of the photo was her hair.

The strands poured from her roots like a colorful waterfall, landing mostly on the right side of her head. The hair mixed colors of bleach blond, pink and light blue. Initially, she wore the hair during her Coachella performance with Wang, but gave a better glimpse of the look on her Instagram.

Fans gave their compliments approving the unique unicorn look. One person said, “Love the unicorn hair” and another said, “Come Thru Wit The Hair CeCe. Awesome.”

One couldn’t help but bring Ciara’s beloved husband, NFL player Russell Wilson, into the mix. The person said, “Russell Wilson every week has a different wife.”

Fans have come to expect that Ciara is going to do what she wants when it comes to her appearance, and not everyone agrees with her choices.

Just last month, she caught a lot of flak for wearing a see-through sparkly black dress at the Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party. Many criticized her for wearing the look with her being both a wife and a mother of three children.

Haters deemed the look to be inappropriate and distasteful.

Ciara definitely caught word of what her critics were saying. But instead of letting it get to her, she made her own creative response.

The “Level Up” singer posted a TikTok video on social media of her wearing a white sheet over her entire body, seemingly trying to cover everything to, clearly sprinkling in some shade, satisfy the naysayers. In the clip, she walks from the back of the room toward the camera over audio of paparazzi calling for her attention.

She captioned the video “Selective Outrage,” raising awareness that she was not the only celebrity who wore a risque gown that night, but seemed to be the only person getting major backlash for it.

Model Alessandra Ambrosio wore something somewhat similar to Ciara’s ‘fit, except it was silver and long-sleeved. It was still see-through, which gave visual access to her undergarments, and it had an open back – just like Ciara’s dress.

Ciara and Alessandra Ambrosio in their see-through dresses (Photo: Instagram/@ciara) (Photo: Instagram/@alessandraambrosio)

Emily Ratajkowski, who is also a model, wore a see-through dress revealing her undergarments as well. Actress Zoe Saldana wore a black skirt, but her gold top was see-through, showing her breasts.

Emily Ratajkowski and Zoe Saldana wearing risque outfits (Photo: Instagram/@emrata) (Photo: Instagram/@zoesaldana)

As it turns out, the other ladies were criticized as well, but Ciara’s was more publicized.

Despite what others may have to say, Ciara seems to stand firm in her decision to wear the dress, and even posted pictures of the look on her Instagram.

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