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‘Telling Us We Don’t Need No Man and She Married: Ciara’s Single Woman’s Anthem Backfires After Fans Bring Up Her Relationship with Russell Wilson

Ciara appears to be very excited about her new music, but a few people called her out for hypocrisy for an upcoming single-women anthem.

The “Ride” vocalist previewed her new song, “For Da Girls” in a recent Instagram video where she can be heard singing, “This is for the girls getting money, this is for the girls that don’t need no man, this is for the girls whose in love with they-self, this for all the girls who done did it by they-self.” 

As the contemporary R&B tune continued Ciara spelled out “independent” in a harmonizing manner right before the beat dropped and her chorus began. 

Ciara. (Photo: @ciara/Instagram.)

The 37-year-old seemed satisfied with her song’s outcome because she nodded her head to the song’s beat while swaying her body back and forth and singing overtop of the recorded melody, “this is for my girls, this is for my girls, aye.” 

“This is so good,” Ciara said after the music slowly faded away.

Her teaser maintained over one million plays with over 3,300 comments from fans who shared their excitement for this new song.

“This sound like the old CiCi we been waiting for.”

“Wow! Can’t wait for this to drop.”

Although the Texas-born, Georgia-raised singer received love on her page, there were several comments under The Shade Room’s re-posted video that questioned why Ciara was creating an anthem about being single when she’s seemingly in a happy and healthy relationship with Denver Broncos quarterback, Russell Wilson.

“Ma’am, you have a very wealthy and successful husband. What are you talking about?”

“This is for the girls who don’t need no man, meanwhile she happily married.”

“Not her telling us we don’t need no man and she married after her prayer.”

A few fans defended the Grammy award-winning artist by breaking down their own belief about the song’s meaning. 

“This message isn’t for single girls. It’s for women that don’t need a man. Married women are out there getting it too. A good relationship is just a bonus.”

“Do people not realize these artist job is to make music for ‘THE PEOPLE’ she doesn’t have to relate!! It’s for the girls who can relate to JAM OUT TO DUH I hate the world just live to find negativity in every single thing! It’s like telling an actor not to ACT, how would that sound?”

Ciara and Wilson met in 2015 at a Wisconsin basketball game during March Madness. Sparks quickly flew after which prompted the Denver Broncos player to ask her on a date. 

“Next thing I know, it was 12:00 a.m, 12:30 a.m and I was sold on you,” he recalled in a 2020 Instagram Live. 

Wilson and Ciara tied the knot in 2016 and gradually became one of Hollywood’s fan-favorite couples. In 2017, the pair welcomed their first child together, 5-year-old Sienna Princess Wilson, and three years later welcomed their second child together, 2-year-old Win Harrison Wilson. 

Ciara also has an 8-year-old son, Future Zahir Wilburn, from her previous relationship with rapper Future. Despite Wilson not being biologically related to little Future, he’s managed to create his own bond with him, which fans love to see. 

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