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‘It Works a Lot Better’: Nick Cannon Explains Why He Prefers One-on-One Visits with His 11 Kids Instead of ‘Forcing’ Them to Come See Him Together

Nick Cannon has fans upset after the “Gigolo” singer said he was the only person who benefited from having all of his children together in the same space simultaneously.

The 42-year-old has fathered 12 children, including his 11-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe, with his ex-wife, singer Mariah Carey. He also shares 6-month-old Rise, 2-year-old Powerful, and 6-year-old Golden with model Brittany Bell.

“The Masked Singer” host shares 9-month-old Legendary with Bre Tiesi and 7-month-old Onyx with LaNisha Cole. Cannon also has another set of twins, 1-year-old Zion and Zillion, as well as 5-month-old Beautiful, whom he shares with Abby De La Rosa. He also shares 4-month-old Halo with Alyssa Scott. The couple’s son Zen tragically died from a brain tumor when he was 5 months old.

Cannon recently told People magazine during an interview that spending time with his 11 children separately “works a lot better” than spending time with all of them at the same time. The “America’s Got Talent” host also said that he would be the “only person that would benefit from having everyone in the same space” together.

“I feel like qualitative experiences are when I can give everyone their own individual experience,” said Cannon. “I actually love stepping into their world. Going to their sports games or giving them their personal time for the holidays. So I have no problem with bouncing around.”

He continued, “I think as everyone probably gets older, and even as I slow down a little bit more, I’m sure everyone will start coming to me in one place.”

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The “Drumline” actor also noted the busy schedules of his large family as factors.

“I actually think it works a lot better [right now]. Because everyone’s busy, not just me,” Cannon shared. “It works to be able to take the time trying to go to them and show the value of being with them and not forcing anyone to come to me.”

The proud dad added that he’s “appreciative” of the family dynamic he created with the mothers of his children. He said, It “wouldn’t work if I didn’t have such amazing women in my life that are truly understanding and super loving and compassionate about the world that we live in.”

The Neighborhood Talk shared his comments on Instagram, and fans had plenty of opinions about his parenting style.

One fan asked, “So a sibling bond wouldn’t benefit the kids or they supposed to grow up as acquaintances like ?, he really a cornball.”

Another fan agreed and replied, “So how will they bond with their siblings?”

“And the kids Nick, and the kids,” one fan reminded Cannon.

“So they just going to be out here not knowing each other? Sad!”

One fan noted that the children benefited from getting individual attention from their dad but also had some sage advice for Cannon.

“I kind of get it, he wouldn’t be able dedicate any time to specific child if they were all together, and I imagine having them all under one roof would be hectic at best,” wrote the fan.

They continued, “That being said they should all know each other, and that’s his job as their father to bring them all together. If he can’t handle that stop having more kids because when they get older they’re going to need a lot more support.”

Cannon recently dressed up as a bunny rabbit to visit all of his children over the Easter holiday weekend. The busy father spent last Sunday “hopping from house to house” to put smiles on all of his babies’ faces.

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