‘I Know He Has to Miss Her’: Meagan Good’s Seductive Dance Video Derails When Fans Bring Up Her Ex-Husband DeVon Franklin

Meagan Good has hypnotized her fans with another post that has many swooning over beauty and moves.

In what appeared to be a behind-the-scenes look from a photo shoot, Good, 41, showed fans that she is “always grooving when I’m supposed to be working.”

The “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” actress had minimal makeup on as she swayed her hips to the sounds of Rihanna and DJ Khaled’s 2017 hit “Wild Thoughts.” Her followers went wild as she shimmied and teased a glimpse of her midriff while wearing sweatpants and an oversized T-shirt.

Meagan Good shows off her seductive dance moves while on set. (Photo: @Meagangood/Instagram)

“Meagan ‘Never Ages’ Good yasss sis! Have fun and live your life to the fullest,” read one person’s comment.

“You better WORK Get it SiS!!!!!!!!! Those Wild Thoughts have you GROOVING LOVE IT!!!” wrote another follower.

And a third remarked, “I know he has to miss her,” seemingly alluding to her ex-husband, DeVon Franklin.

The former lovebirds were married for nine years before announcing their separation in December 2021. Franklin filed divorce papers soon after, and by June 2022, the divorce was finalized.

Since becoming a single woman again, Good has been open about her excitement for what the future holds and learning to live again. Two months ago, she revealed that she purchased her first home. “I picked out the home of my dreams that I have been wanting for the longest time,” she told xoNecole Magazine.

She has not been publicly linked to any love interests, and fans have been sure to suggest a few available men to her.

“You are fyne fyne!!! I’m here for you and @michaelbjordan getting together. Y’all would be an M&M. Either way you’re fyne single or taken,” read one comment.

Fans have been trying to pair actor Michael B. Jordan, 36, with countless eligible bachelorettes since his breakup from Lori Harvey, 26, last June.

It’s unclear why fans are adamant about pairing Good and Jordan together, but it is clear that one music artist, in particular has had his eye on her for quite some time.

Memphis rapper NLE Choppa recently tried to shoot his shot at the actress during a phone call captured on “The Jason Lee Show.” While it seemed as though Good hung up on him, she later revealed to TMZ that the call was disconnected.

“I called back because he’s a very sweet young man. People were trying to drag him and make it seem like he was simp. No. He was very, very sweet, very respectful. So, I did call back. I did not play the hell out of him,” said the “Harlem” star.

But that does not mean the 20-year-old has a chance at wooing her. “He’s a little too young for me. But, I mean, it was still flattering. Definitely flattered,” she said.

Of that possible connection, one social media user wrote, “You & @nlechoppamusic will be a cute couple dho.. Love is unconditional(Age is just a figure maturity count my dear).”

As for Franklin, the studio executive recently celebrated his 45th birthday by sharing a message about surrendering to whatever God has in store for his life.

Franklin wrote that he was “letting Him in His time confirm or deny what and who does and doesn’t belong. When I tell you I have no idea what the future holds I mean it AND I’m working on finding peace and even fun with not knowing!”

Fans will certainly have their eyes locked on Good should she decide to step out with a new beau.

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