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‘Wayagotdamnment’: Meagan Good Shows Off Her Body in Sexy Two-Piece, Fans Call Out ‘Church’ Folk Who Criticized Her Outfit 

Meagan Good is not afraid to vocalize her love of God, however, many fans have put her faith into question after viewing her latest video. 

The “Harlem” star recently stunted in a gorgeous two-piece Falguni Shane Peacock set that had a slit running up the side of her left thigh.

Good wore this outfit on the red carpet for her newest film, “Shazam! Fury of the Gods.”

Meagan Good
Meagan Good. (Photo:@meagangood/Instagram.)

In an Instagram video, Good shared a collage filled with photos and clips of the exciting night as the song “Jiggy” by Dom Belli featuring Zae France played in her background. 

While Good’s post received over one million plays and over 4,000 comments, not everyone was a fan of her ensemble. 

“I think your modest era would look cute on you too.”

“Yea she wasn’t meant for that church life.”

“Jesus loves you Meagan, this world will pass and fame too. Come back to God and your hubby.” 


Although a few comments were rather judgmental and questioned Good’s religious beliefs, a few fans made sure to defend her name against those who shamed her. 

“I’m praying for everyone with the un Christian but so called ‘Christian’ comments under this post,” one user wrote. “Just not lest ye be judged and people should see love from us and not hate which is what is being spewed.”

The person continued, “Instead pray if ‘you’ feel like someone is lost. Especially when you don’t know not one REAL detail of her situation. God bless.” 

Good recently responded to a fan who suggested that she strayed away from her husband and from God under her post. 

She replied, “I would never leave God. And I also didn’t leave my husband. Be blessed.” 

The actress’s love for Christ has been apparent over the past year since her devastating split from her ex-husband, DeVon Franklin. 

In a recent interview with E! News, Good expressed how God allowed her to be excited about the next journey of her life. 

“If God has allowed it, and it’s out of your control well then what’s coming next is even better, and even greater. So, be excited about that,” she shared. 

Prior to their breakup, Good was asked how she deals with criticism from fellow Christians about what she wears and the choices she makes.

“I know that some of the choices that I make, some of the things that I wear, some of the things I work on, not everybody in the church understands it,” she told PEOPLE. “And that’s okay because, at the end of the day, it’s between me and God and how I feel convicted in my spirit or don’t feel convicted in my spirit.”

Good and Franklin informed the public about their split in December 2021 and finalized their divorce in June 2022, just as their 10-year anniversary approached.

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