‘Did the Paper Work Party Happen’: T.I. and Boosie Spotted Together at the Airport Following Their Dispute Over ‘Snitching’ Claims

T.I. and Boosie BadAzz appear to be on speaking terms after the men were seen in an airport together following their recent disagreement

T.I. (Left) and Boosie (right) were spotted at an airport together following recent disputes via social media. (Photos: @tip/Instagram, @mamaheliveagain2.0/Instagram)

A photo of the Southern rappers arose online on April 9, which shows them standing beside each other as they seem engaged in a cordial conversation. 

The two men bumping into each other while at the airport is not an abrupt coincidence: They recently performed on the same stage alongside Twista, Jeezy, Rocko, and more rappers for the “Legends Never Die Enterprise Concert” in St. Louis the night before. 

After their photo hit Twitter, several fans applauded T.I. and Boosie for apparently handling their back-and-forth feud like “adults” instead of getting physical with one another. 

They probably spoke to each other like adults… We won’t see that video tho”

“This was the best outcome. Why? 1. You know there are no guns present. 2. You can’t fight. You as two Black men with diverging opinions on a subject must talk as men and sort out your differences. Wether you shake hands with an understanding or agree to disagree”

While several fans praised the duo for finally letting bygones be bygones, one user seemed to have their focus elsewhere. 

Did the paper work party happen” 

Back in February, T.I. called out Boosie for not attending his paperwork party at Trap City Cafe, which supposedly proved that the “Whatever You Like” rapper didn’t snitch on his dead cousin.

“I’ve been waiting on one special invited guest to show up and he ain’t shown up yet,” the 42-year-old said. 

He continued, “It was somebody who had something to say about me, had to question my, you know, disposition to some of my cases. But he ain’t here to see my paperwork.”

The “Spoil You” rappers began feuding after a resurfaced clip from 2020 showed T.I. recount a time when he and his late cousin, Toot, were caught with a gun and stolen luxury apparel after getting pulled over. 

Per T.I., Toot had told the Atlanta native that he could place the fault on him but passed away before the two boys faced any consequences for their actions. 

Despite his recent revelation that the story was heavily embellished, Tip received backlash from individuals who deemed him a snitch, and faced flak from his longtime friend, Boosie. 

In an interview with Vlad TV, the “Wipe Me Down” rapper not only labeled his pal as a “rat,” but also said that he was discontinuing their collaborative project. 

While fans quickly chose whose side of the beef they would land on, TMZ caught up with T.I. outside of The Cheesecake Factory in March, where he disclosed that they handled their short-lived dispute offline like “grown men.” 

“Someone misspoke, and umm, I believe that someone has, uhh, come to terms with that understanding,” he said. 

Boosie also addressed their disagreement in a recent interview with the “Teddi Tuesday Podcast Show” a few weeks ago. 

The 40-year-old said, “First we was texting, agreeing, and disagree. Then we came to a, you know, we came to a understanding.” 

Boosie added that he apologized to his friend for making him feel some type of way after publicly speaking about the situation instead of calling him personally. 

The Baton Rouge native also spoke about their unreleased project and revealed that he doesn’t know if it will ever be released.

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