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‘It Ain’t No Beef’: Rapper T.I. Says He and Boosie BadAzz’s ‘Misunderstanding’ Will Be Resolved ‘Offline’ Despite It Beginning Online

T.I. has described himself as a man who values the importance of privately handling personal matters.

That being said, it made sense for him to want to handle his and Boosie BadAzz’s issues “offline” out of the public eye.

T.I. (left), Boosie BadAzz (right). (Photos: @tip/Instagram, @mamaheliveagain2.0/Instagram)

TMZ caught up with T.I. on Saturday, March 4 in the parking lot of The Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills, California. 

Before he had an opportunity to pull off, the reporter behind the camera asked if he and Boosie’s beef was part of a publicity stunt to promote their joint album. 

“First of all, man, it ain’t no beef,” he said, “we grown men.”

T.I. continued to explain that their sons are still close despite the one-sided public dispute, which he later described as a “misunderstanding.”

So what happened to cause this “misunderstanding?” Well, according to the “Live Your Life” rapper, a certain person — who can be inferred to be Boosie — chose to inaccurately speak about a situation. 

“Someone misspoke, and, umm, I believe that someone has, uhh, come to terms with that understanding,” the 42-year-old said, “and it’ll be handled offline, ya dig. It ain’t no beef.” 

When asked if they are planning to speak one-on-one, T.I. made sure to correct the interviewer and remove himself from being grouped with the Baton Rouge native. 

“You say ‘you guys.’ I’m speaking for me, so that’s how I’m going to deal with it.”

In a recent interview with Vlaad TV, the “Wipe Me Down” rapper said that he was discontinuing his and T.I. ‘s collaborative project and labeled T.I. as a “rat” for snitching on his dead cousin. 

“I don’t spare no mother f—g body,” Boosie emotionally noted, “because if you doing anything wrong if you doing anything criminal wise and you cooperate with law enforcement to get you out of trouble, that means you’re cooperating, that means you’re a rat.”

The 40-year-old’s vent session about T.I. came after a 2020 clip resurfaced of the “ATL” actor explaining a case when he and his late cousin, Toot, were caught with a gun and stolen luxury apparel after they were pulled over.

According to T.I., Toot passed away before they faced any repercussions and told T.I. that he could place the blame on him.

“‘Toot said, ‘I’ll take the charges you got! If you can walk away free and put it on me,’” T.I. recounted on his “expediTIously” podcast episode titled “Sleep is for the Rich.” 

Though he received flak for allegedly snitching on his relative, T.I. recently appeared on Rich Trapper’s YouTube channel titled, “Trap News Networx” and revealed that most of the three-year-old story was embellished. 

He also deemed it “confusing” that Boosie spoke out about his actions rather than coming to him personally. 

“When somebody has your phone number and your address and you know they could’ve called or pulled up,” he continued, “I mean public internet route is crazy.”

Boosie has not yet responded to T.I.’s conversation with TMZ, but with his given track record of speaking out via public platforms, it’s only a matter of time before he does.

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