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‘Not a Joke Maybe a Lie…Backfired Either Way’: T.I. Says His Story About Snitching on His Dead Cousin Was ‘Satire’ After Boosie Calls Him a ‘Rat,’ Fans React

Last year, T.I. launched his career as a budding stand-up comic, but apparently, he has been testing out his comedic chops for years. As it turns out, one of his jokes has contributed to the perception that the rapper is a snitch.

On the 2020 episode of his “expediTIously” podcast titled “Sleep is for the Rich,” he detailed the time he and his cousin Toot caught a case after being pulled over with a gun and stolen high-end clothing inside their vehicle. Toot passed away before the two had to face any consequences stemming from the allegations.

T.I. (Photo: @troubleman31/Instagram.)

In his recount of the ordeal, the “Dead and Gone” artist said, “After he [Toot] had passed, I had a talk with him. Toot said, ‘I’ll take all the charges you got! If you can walk away free and put it on me, godd—n right! ‘Cause I’ll be d—ned if they gon’ come and muthaf—king extradite me from here!’ That’s the only time I done ever said or gave information, because that’s my big cousin. He was dead and he told me that it was okay.”

The “ATL” actor opened up about the remarks in a recent interview on “Trap News Networx.” He explained that people have run with the story as fact when, in reality, some of it was embellished from a discussion he and a friend once had. 

“That conversation was, ‘Aye, bruh, if me and you catch a case together and I die before you, it’s mine. It’s mine.’ He like, ‘Nah, I can’t do that,” said the “Libra” emcee. T.I responded to his friend with ” ‘Yes you can.’ It’s mine; why can’t you?’ “

He continued, “I don’t understand it…So, off of that conversation, I created a set of circumstances, and I thought that the embellishment was clear when I said I talked to my cousin and he told me.” The “King of the South” also took a moment to clarify that he beat the charges without ever giving up a name. “The case was resolved because of a motion to suppress evidence due to an illegal search and seizure. No need to point no finger or say nothin’ about nobody,” said T.I. to Rich Trapper.

He also noted that “Humor, sarcasm, and satire, it escapes them.” Fans, however, are still on the fence. Under an Instagram post for the interview, they commented:

“Ion think people gonna believe that. He let it go on too long instead of just clearing it up.”

“How is he supposedly a comedian but the whole world “misses the joke” every time he’s trying to be funny?”

“Not a joke maybe a lie…backfired either way.”

“I guess it escaped us all because for years we’ve been hearing that tip as a snitch.”

The viral “confession” resurfaced for the umpteenth time when fellow rapper Boosie said he was no longer working on a joint album with T.I. — a project that was set into motion in 2021 — and called him a rat. “I don’t spare no motherf**kin’ body. Because if you doing anything wrong, you doing anything criminal, and you cooperate with law enforcement to get you out of trouble – that means you’re cooperating. That means you’re a rat,” said Boosie in an interview for VladTV.

Given that the two men have a long-standing relationship, the Trap Cafe founder said, “The s–t was confusing because he and I have a relationship…It just baffled me.” He expressed a similar sentiment in an Instagram post, where he offered to show the “Wipe Me Down” artist paperwork proving he never snitched on his late cousin.

“To get on da net & speak on s–t you’ve never spoke to me about is leaving me to believe you been hiding ya heart the whole time!!!!” he wrote. “I’d NEVER speak ‘certain disrespect’ on your name/reputation bout a ‘IF’ homie… da convict code say When in doubt…pull the paperwork out!!!”

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