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‘Marquise Took His Phone’: 50 Cent Fans Bring Up His Estranged Son After He Laughs at His Youngest Son Sire’s $10K Request on Apple Pay

50 Cent might need to give his younger son, Sire Jackson, a lesson on the value of money.

The television mogul wants for nothing, seeing as though his years of making chart-topping hits, movies, signing endorsement deals, and other lucrative business endeavors have padded his pockets quite nicely.

But his school-aged son has yet to learn life’s lessons on making and, most important, maintaining money. Instead, Sire has likely grown up under the impression that anything his mind can conceive his dad can provide for him, including large lump sums of money.

50 Cent Fires Back After His Easter Post Gets Derailed by User Mentioning His Strained Relationship With Son Marquise
50 Cent got blasted after he posted an Easter photo of himself with his youngest son Sire Jackson but not his eldest Marquise Jackson. (Photo: @50cent Instagram)

In an Instagram post, 50, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, claimed that his son recently sent him an Apple Cash request for more than just petty pocket change.

“I just got this from my son SIRE,” read the caption for a screenshot of his son’s request for $10,000. “He is 10 years old I hope this is a joke,” added the “Piggy Bank” emcee. Whether or not the kid was joking remains unknown.

Fellow hip-hop artist Nelly commented what almost everybody was thinking, “@50cent yeah but we wanna know what was your response lol…!!! ????”

A couple of others in the comment section jokingly wrote, “Get Rich or Die Asking” and “ROBLOX Getting Expensive..”

But a fourth comment dredged up a person in the “Power” actor’s life who has been the topic of contention for years: his oldest son, Marquise Jackson.

The comment read, “Marquise took his phone.” It racked up 123 responses, mostly from people who left a flood of laughing emojis.

Unlike Sire, whom 50 shares with ex-girlfriend Daphne Joy, Marquise has had to watch his dad’s rise to superstardom from the sidelines like everyone else. They have been estranged for more than a decade because of their off-and-on father-son feud.

Last year, the rapper’s virtual twin in appearance seemingly attempted to extend an olive branch to his dad in hopes they could finally hash out their differences. But his efforts were futile.

In an Instagram post, Marquise claimed he only made the public appeal on TMZ because he has no other way of contacting 50. But the television producer was not buying the gesture.

“You know, he wants some attention. And it’s OK, he can have as much of that as he wants,” said 50 in response to Marquise’s public plea to spend 24 hours with his dad. Neither of the men has spoken out about their fractured relationship since October.

And it seems as though Marquise is steering clear of anyone trying to bait him into using Sire’s big request to reignite a flood of headlines about their personal strife.

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