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50 Cent Accuses Son Marquise Jackson’s Mother of Wasting Money on Plastic Surgery, She Hits Back Below the Belt

50 Cent delivered another shot at his son’s mother Shaniqua Tompkins in their ongoing back-and-forth.

The New York rapper took to his Instagram page, posted a mummy photo and included the words, “My first international tour I came back Shaniqua Was like boo, that’s you. Lol.”

50 Cent suggested that his child's mother had plastic surgery and she suggested that he has an STD.


50 then suggested that Tompkins received plastic surgery instead of purchasing homes and flipping them. “She went and got her body done,” he wrote. “I thought she was doing real estate with the money. I said what the f— did you do, b-tch? Lol.”

But it didn’t take long for his ex to fire back and perpetuate a rumor that was started by Floyd Mayweather last year: That 50 has an STD.

“Can you get plastic surgery for this? Asking for my baby daddy,” were the words Tompkins added to a Google photo description of Herpes. She also included the hashtag “#DJGaveYouTheClap.” 50’s other child’s mother is the model Daphne Joy.

On top of that, Tompkins posted the definition of the word “stalker” to suggest that 50’s social media disses are a form of harassment.

“A person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention,” the definition read.

After the shots were exchanged, people went on Tompkins’ page and gave their overall opinion on the beef. Some gave the New York-raised mom credit for standing up to 50 and even dealing with his insults in the first place.

“You so f—ing dope. I’d ride for my son too,” someone wrote. “For life.”

“Bless you,” wrote another. “Don’t know how you deal everyday with this.”

But others said Tompkins shouldn’t be arguing with Fif but instead should be trying to fix his relationship with their son, Marquise Jackson.

“This is about money and the lifestyle you think you deserve,” wrote one of Tompkins’ critics. “You turn a son on his father because you can’t spend his money.”

50 Cent suggested that his child's mother had plastic surgery and she suggested that he has an STD.


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