‘The Son That Gets All the Love’: 50 Cent’s Pic With His Youngest Son Goes Sour When His Estranged Son Marquise Jackson Is Mentioned In the Comments

When Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is not preoccupied with dragging someone on social or promoting one of his projects, he sometimes gives folks a glimpse at his softer side by sharing moments with his seven-year-old son Sire Jackson.

The rapper and TV mogul in the making shares the child with his former girlfriend Daphne Joy. Some may find it sweet that a dude who is often referred to as a bully would even have a soft and seemingly nurturing side. Others still find it baffling that Jackson was unable to provide the same affection to his firstborn, Marquise Jackson.

50 Cent shows he’s a family man when it comes to his youngest son Sire Jackson. (Photo: @50cent/Instagram)

The man behind the hit show “Power” probably thought he was contributing good vibes on Easter when he shared photos of him and his youngest son making deviled eggs. For some folks on social that proved to be true.

“.. he is so stinking cute❤️❤️🐣,” wrote one person.

Another commented, “😍😍😍😍LOVE SEEING FAMILY TIME”

“Now this is to cute. I love it!❤️”

“Awww the softer side of 50”

Even with all the ‘awwws’ and swooning that took place in the comments, the post derailed when people brought up the rapper’s oldest son.

“50 cent smiling thinking about when he’s going to disown that child lol”

“So we all gon act like he ain’t a dead beat to his other son”

“We want to see your first son with you bruh”

For years now, 50 has made it known that he does not want a relationship with his first child; he even publicly disowned the kid he shares with former girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins.

“The people Shanquois [sic] son looks up to and associates with is a reflection of the negative energy he embraces towards me,” said the rapper in 2018.

Who knows what the future holds for the rapper and his older son, but for now he seems more than content loving on his youngest offspring.

“THE SON THAT GETS ALL THE LOVE,” mentioned another fan.

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