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‘Hollywood be Having These Kids Growing Up Faster Than Needed’: The Game Defends His 12-Year-Old Daughter’s Dress After Fans Debate What’s Appropriate for Her Age (Photos)

The Game has set the record straight for anyone who thinks his daughter needs more adult supervision in her life. 

The “Doctor’s Advocate” rapper did not take kindly to people criticizing Cali Lynn Dream Taylor for her outfit and cat eye makeup look in photos posted online by the tween, her father and her mother, Tiffney Cambridge. Cali, 12, was among the guests invited to celebrate Sean “Diddy” Combs’ daughters, Jessie and D’Lila, turning 16. The Combs twins brought in their new year with a futuristic fashion-themed bash in Los Angeles.

Cali Lynn Dream Taylor Photos: Calilynndreamtaylor/Instagram

The silver dress that had throngs of people bent out of shape had a strap over each shoulder and fell about mid-thigh. Cali paired it with a fluffy white coat, which she wore so that it was casually draped on her arms. “Pretty little girl… but let’s be CLEAR… y’all know damn well what she’s wearing is inappropriate for a 12 year old…she looks quite older than 12 years old. I’m entitled to my opinion. Stop letting our lil girls grow up too fast.. ijs,” read one comment.

Another one read, “I love the Game & I do understand what he’s saying, however, she could have still looked beautiful with a little less make-up and a dress a bit more age-appropriate.”

“The outfit makeup pose none of that is of a 12 year old , Hollywood be having these kids growing up faster than needed,” wrote another person, who felt that Cali’s coyly looking into the camera was more suggestive than not.

“A turtleneck underneath would’ve been just as cute,” commented a fourth person.

The Game took notice of the hoopla and left a comment of his own, addressing the issue and those who felt Cali’s parents were not giving her proper guidance on how to dress for her age. He wrote:

“I’m gonna say this once so people who aren’t her parents get it. My daughter is 12 & both of her parents are more than strict. Tiffney is a school teacher with a masters degree & 2 other degrees who is an amazing parent & is very capable of raising our daughter to be great even if I wasn’t in the picture… but I am in the picture so… Tiffney called me & asked me would it be okay for my daughter to wear the dress in the photo to the twins party… after talking to her thoroughly for over an hour about it, I agreed to let my daughter rock.. being that she wears a school uniform 5 days a week. My daughter has grown tremendously over the last year & is now almost 5’9 in height & beautiful. She’s a straight A student & is shy in most cases & dresses like a Tom boy in baggy jeans and Dr. Martin boots damn near everyday. The twins had a futuristic bday theme & my baby wanted to look great & be in full confidence going to support her friends celebration. I am her father & her protector and she is & will always be an amazing young woman. I wish everyone happy holidays & thanks for your opinions on a child that belongs to US but we GOT THIS.”

Jessie and D’Lila Combs Photo: The_combs_twins/Instagram

However, Cali was not the only one criticized for her look; so were the twins. Photos of the high-school students showed them in metallic silver body suits and a second look that consisted of a high-waisted, brief-like bottom and a cropped top. The midriff-baring outfit was paired with a pair of thigh-high shoes and half-length sleeves that covered their forearms.

“Ya’ll outfits are cute but this one is too grown looking that’s just my opinion. Ya’ll look beautiful though looking like ya’ll beautiful mother” and “Lawd them outfits is a bit much for 16” read comments from two different people. 

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