‘Put Some Respect on My Name’: Jennifer Williams and Jackie Christie’s ‘Deluxe’ Hotel Room Fiasco Sparks Debate, Claudia Jordan Picks a Side and Ignites Old Feud

The latest episode of “Basketball Wives” has managed to cause more tension among cast members outside of the show, while also reigniting an old feud on social media.

During the recent episode, Jennifer Williams and Jackie Christie could not see eye-to-eye after Williams felt like Christie treated her like a “basic b—h” for putting her in a deluxe hotel room on their vacation in Sacramento. 

(L) Jennifer Williams (Pictured: @jenniferwilliams/Instagram) (R) Jackie Christie (Pictured: @jackiechristie/Instagram)

A clip of the 48-year-old discussing her displeasure with the room hit the “BBW” Instagram page, and several fans didn’t understand Williams’ frustration. 

“Girl so bold this season.”

“Everybody is sooo rich, just ask for a new room. Problem solved. This show is wack!”

Williams then decided to respond in the comments section and offer fans more clarity about the heated situation. 

“Just so we are clear! It’s not about a room,” she wrote, “The trips are paid for by production. This was Jackie’s trip and she got to choose the rooms. She chose to put Brooke & I in a deluxe room.”

She continued, “There are certain stipulations in my contract about accommodations. I can pay for a suite any where in the world. And there were no more suites in the Hyatt Centric Sacramento because it’s not a high end hotel. The point is the lady keeps trying to son me and I’m sick of it.”

As Williams’ message came to a close, she reminded fans that she “started this franchise” while urging viewers to “put some respect on my name.” 

“BBW” first premiered in 2010 on VH1, and Williams was one of the original cast members along with Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozada, Royce Reed, Suzie Ketcham, and Gloria Govan.

After viewing the one-minute clip, Christie also decided to leave a comment under the “BBW” Instagram page. Though her message was direct, she made sure to keep her explanation to a minimum. 

“I’m going to stay silent you all see the show,” the 53-year-old penned. “Your smart and you can see what’s going on no need for me to try to explain you will continue to see who’s who.. enjoy tonight’s episode love y’all.” 

The debate between Christie and Williams ended up on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page, where Williams’ former co-star Claudia Jordan shared a few words. 

“A truly wealthy person would never move like this. Ridiculous behavior,” she wrote. 

Williams and Jordan starred together on “The Next: 15.” While Jordan never specified who she was talking about, it can be inferred that she was referring to Williams since the two women have unresolved issues from their 2016 reality show.

It seems as if Williams also felt some shade from Jordan, as she responded, “And somebody tell that broke h– Claudia Jordan to go open a brief case and go find some money… I blocked her a– so I can’t @ her.. I’m really tired of this b—h bringing up my name.”

Jordan then replied, “Please someone tell dookee mouth I never mentioned her name. And when I DO open a briefcase there’s enough $$$ in it to quietly get the room I like without causing a scene acting above it all while simultaneously wearing rented labels. #SomethingBorrowed.”

The former colleagues’ beef began seven years ago after Jordan confronted Williams about her ex-boyfriend once she learned that the ex-wife of Eric Williams was spending time with him.

While Jordan claimed that she was simply trying to clear the air, Williams felt as if “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum was still pressed on her ex. 

Their feud then heightened after Jordan suggested that Williams was jealous of her in a 2016 interview with Eurweb.com. 

In a subsequent interview with Bossip, Williams suggested that she and Jordan were like “oil and water,” and simply don’t mix, which was shown throughout their time on the one-season show.

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